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Pacifica Professional Accounting for Windows

An accounting software system designed by Pacifica Research.
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Pacifica Professional Accounting for Windows is a multiuser real-time business management system that has proven itself for more than a decade. It gives you the reliability and up-to-the-minute information you need to compete in today’s fast-paced business world.

Fast and easy to learn and use, Pacifica meets all the requirements of the most demanding bookkeeper, CPA or CFO.

It instantly provides the information you need for cash management, marketing, your banker or the IRS.

Pacifica is among a select group of high-end accounting systems which have passed a rigorous third party certification process, ensuring that all Pacifica modules meet and exceed specific quality and functional standards.

  • Easy to install (setup from a CD-ROM in about 30 seconds!), learn and use for controlling every aspect of your business
  • Meets GAAP and FASB standards
  • Provides real-time performance and flexibility, with unsurpassed reliability and audit trails
  • Real-time entries create formal double-entry journals and ledgers with no additional work, reducing chances for operator error
  • Hundreds of reports and variations and ad hoc searches provide up-to-the-minute information all the time
  • Unlimited open periods, accounts, vendors, products, employees, etc.
  • High-performance allows all data to be kept on-line all the time
  • Over 14 modules available for a quick start, easily customizable with integrated tools
  • Powerful, versatile and affordable

Pacifica is a full-featured, real-time multiuser accounting that grows with you.

  • Advanced programming techniques provide ease-of-use of Windows, performance far greater than competitors
  • Pacifica automatically creates double-entry books and ledgers with no time wasted posting, transferring, and purging
  • Real-time summaries or transaction details always instantly available
  • HotPrint TM hundreds of reports and variations with most recently changed data directly without exiting to menus
  • Fast results for ad-hoc searches from any field in any screen
  • Pacifica instantly analyzes revenues, receivables or anything else you need to know to manage your business better
  • Detailed field by field on-line help and unique SuperEdit make it easy
  • Pacifican speeds up entry by selecting from lists of available names or items
  • Built in security lets you assign access and privileges to any module, action, or company’s data by user

Functionality Modules

Pacifica General Ledger Pacifica is real-time. Every transaction you enter, every change, every bit of data is posted and processed instantly as you enter it. The advantages are obvious: No more…

Pacifica Accounts Payable Pacifica A/P easily accounts for vendor payables, just as you would expect from a quality accounting product. All accounting is double-entry, and is consistent with GAAP and…

Pacifica Accounts Receivable Pacifica A/R handles all aspects of order entry, invoicing and receivables tracking easily and elegantly, delivering solid performance and simplicity in maintaining customer…

Pacifica Payroll Every aspect of Pacifica Payroll is simple, obvious and fast. From data gathering to check calculating and printing to printing state and federal reports, each step requires…

Seed Inventory Control Simple to set up, easy to maintain and rich in features, Pacifica fully integrates seed inventory management in a powerful financial system, with general ledger, payroll,…

Corporate Inventory Control It’s an unexpected pleasure to find comprehensive inventory control in an accounting system. Especially when it’s completely integrated with payables and…

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