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Pacifica Accounting is a general ledger based, double-entry system. It is a 16-bit Windows application that will run on any Windows version 3.1 or newer. Pacifica is fully multi-user, and can run on servers using Windows NT, Novell Netware for Windows, Windows 95, or Windows for Workgroups 3.1.

Pacifica uses real-time transaction processing, and all modules are automatically fully integrated with other modules, including the general ledger. All detail remains on-line and accessible for reporting, even from prior years.

This detail may be edited by operators with sufficient privilege. Pacifica does away with the concept of pre-defined fiscal periods, allowing detailed financials to print across any date range and any part of the enterprise. For instance, a financial can report on a project from beginning to end, even across a year-end.

Operations in Pacifica are designed around the input screen. All input fields on the screen are programmable, and may be linked directly to program code, to other screens or reports.

These programmable links may be triggered by any of dozens of predefined conditions, such as the cursor entering or leaving the field, the press of a certain function key, or a change in the data in the field.

As a result, Pacifica is able to respond instantly and intelligently to operator input at any field. For the most streamlined data entry, the mouse is almost never required for navigating the screen, although it may be used everywhere.

Drill-down capabilities are found at hundreds of fields in Pacifica, and on most reports when previewed on the screen.

Pacifica is sold and installed in modules. There are five standard accounting modules and five add-on modules to extend the features of the standard modules. The general ledger standard module is required. All others are optional. In each section, the standard module must be installed before the add-on can be installed.

The modules are:

General Ledger and G/L+: - General ledger includes chart of accounts, transaction processing, journal entry, financial reporting. It is required. G/L+ adds profit center accounting, budgeting and financial report writer.

Accounts Payable and A/P+: - Accounts payable includes vendor list, purchase invoice entry and printing, cash requirements forecasting, cash disbursements and check printing, bank reconciliation, A/P aging and activity tracking. A/P+ adds purchase order processing and printing, recurring order processing and disbursement processing.

Accounts Receivable and A/R+: - Accounts receivable includes customer list, pricing and discounting by customer, sales invoice entry and printing, cash receipts, A/R aging and activity tracking. A/R+ adds sales order processing and printing and recurring order processing.

Inventory Management and I/M+: - Inventory management includes inventory list, inventory activity, and profitability by vendor or customer, reorder by history, seasonal history, or percentage of min or max stock levels. I/M+ adds serial/lot/location capability, bill of materials and kit management, serial number and where-used tracking, bar code label printing and photo capability.

Payroll and P/R+: - Payroll includes employee list, payroll entry and check printing, federal and state tax table maintenance, tax and withholding reporting, federal quarterly report and W-2 printing. P/R+ adds high-volume paycheck processing, time tickets, electronic time clock interface, magnetic media W-2 reporting and photo capability.

In addition, there are industry-specific modules and integrated systems available.

Point of Sale: - An invoicing module with interfaces to bar code readers, credit card swipes, cash drawers, pole displays and strip printers.

Seed Inventory Management: - A system designed to track the buying, selling, production, packaging, and labeling of seed and grain by lot. This system changes the functions of A/P, A/R and Inventory.

Pesticide Use Management: - A system to supplement inventory management and invoicing, to track pesticide and agrichemical applications and print legal documents required by state and federal agencies and the EPA.

Coffee Roaster’s Inventory Management: - Inventory and A/R modules designed for the special requirements of coffee roasters.

Sawblade and Tool Sharpening Tracking: - Serial number tracking and reporting for saw shops.

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