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OverDrive Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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OverDrive solutions develops software to increase revenue, decrease costs, improve inventory turns and prevent customer churn. We provide business process management and intelligence solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Our solutions drive accountability and results through access to relevant and actionable information. OverDrive solutions are designed to provide the right information, in the right format, allowing you to make better decisions in a faster manner.

We are a leading innovator of business process management and intelligence solutions, helping small and mid-sized organizations unlock the hidden value of their information assets. Through our Applied Knowledge Solutions development framework, OverDrive Solutions ensures that decision makers can easily analyze data, quickly create and distribute reports, and proactively measure performance. With offices and partners throughout North America, OverDrive supports a growing customer base in industries such as wholesale distribution and manufacturing.

At OverDrive Solutions, we combine domain expertise with our superior application development capabilities to deliver end-user focused solutions for your company. Our solutions are designed to provide the right information, in the correct format for decision makers to better, faster decisions; thereby improving productivity and overall company performance.

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