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The Ormed Human Resources Management software is designed to automate and integrate your complex Payroll and HR activities. This product will fully automate all pay and benefit calculations (including pension plan administration). Automated time sheet entry and scheduling will save your staff hours every week. Your staff members are assigned specific online access privileges to data and reports relevant to their areas of responsibility.

  • Payroll automates the processing of complex pay and benefit calculations, assuring 100% accuracy. This application allows you to:
    • Process payrolls across multiple computers
    • Manage pay rate changes with automated seniority and calendar based pay increases
    • Create large, easy-to-read pay code descriptions
    • Automate shift and statutory holiday premium calculations
    • Quickly setup an unlimited number of benefits and deductions
    • Automatically process retroactive pay
    • Perform reversals, adjustments, and exception pay processing
    • Post direct deposits to any bank account
    • Customize employee deposit slips
    • Calculate employee sick, vacation, leave, overtime, and seniority bank balances
    • Manage employee receivables
    • Administer pension plans
    • Access historical timecards, registers, journal entries, and checks online
    • Summarize balances in seconds
    • Easily generate regular and ad hoc reports in seconds
    • Accommodate employees who work multiple shifts a day or multiple rotations
    • Manage employee-specific earnings and deductions
    • Access employee vacation, sick, overtime, and seniority bank information
    • Review historical time cards and pay slips
  • Staff Scheduling automates the treatment of scheduling rules, time sheet entry, and relief scheduling to dramatically reduce payroll preparation time. This application gives you the ability to:
    • Setup or edit scheduling rules.
    • Automate the process of generating multiple schedules.
    • Create and store rotation templates
    • Schedule employees with or without rotation templates
    • Schedule departments/units graphically
    • Monitor employee banks
    • Import schedules.
    • Validate schedule information online
    • Eliminate redundant data entry and manual scheduling tasks
  • Staff Budgeting allows you to:
    • Create detailed position budgets
    • Perform payroll calculations for the entire fiscal year
    • Provide an accurate payroll position variance report
    • Post budgets directly to the General Ledger
    • Eliminate redundant data entry and manual budgeting and analysis tasks
  • Employee Manager allows you to:
    • Track complete employee history
    • Store unlimited contact information
    • Build New Hire checklists
    • Setup automated alerts to managers for pending tasks
    • Attach documents and images to an employee file
    • Use stored photographs to create ID cards
    • Track professional development and training
    • Ensure health and safety compliance
    • Report on WCB incidents
    • Organize performance reviews
    • Track employee skills
    • Document disciplinary action
    • Administer benefit claims
    • Track short- and long-term disability
    • Record emergency contacts and dependants
    • Track extended leave and termination
    • Manage employee-specific earnings and deductions
    • Access employee vacation, sick, overtime, and seniority bank information
    • Review historical time cards and pay slips
  • Position Manager is designed to help you develop, maintain, and access position structures. This application gives you the ability to:
    • Build graphical organization charts
    • Control position coding
    • Create and update job descriptions
    • Attached required skills, certifications, and education to position descriptions
    • Assign employees and monitor variances
    • Monitor vacancies
    • Confirm certification, professional development, and skill requirements are satisfied
  • Recruitment allows you to perform position-driven recruitment and respond to recruitment needs in a timely manner. This product will allow you to quickly create position postings by populating fields specified by you.
  • Applicant Tracking allows you to auto-search resumes and other applicant record attachments for keywords that identify applicants who match specified job requirements. This application also gives you the ability to:
    • View a complete record of each applicant
    • Conduct consistent interviews
    • Conduct consistent post-interview analysis of candidates
    • Reduce your reliance on external consultants and agencies
    • Seamlessly import applicant information into an employee record upon hiring.
  • Labor Relations supports user-defined, step-driven management of individual and group grievance processes to ensure responsiveness and completeness.

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