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The General ledger is the centerpiece of Ormed MIS; it validates all subsystem transaction, groups financial and statistical actual and budget information for reporting, and provides the reverse audit trail that allows drill-down to the source of every number in every report. All accounts can be updated at any point in time, and automatically update on reports. Additionally, the open database design allows you to import transactions from any other software.

  • General Ledger - Manager - The General Ledger is capable of supporting multiple users, sites, and funds; allowing you to report on funds and facilities as individual units or as part of a larger group. This product allows you to:
    • Utilize account codes logic to maximize efficiency for reporting accounts from a variety of views
    • Customize account groups to manage unique reporting requirements
    • Sub-account groups allow you to define the exact drill-down path for each manager
    • Rebuild account groups to give historical information on entirely new organization structures
    • Use wild cards to build revenue and expense templates that can be applied to hundreds of departments
    • Use built-in external reporting tools that facilitate mandatory government reporting
    • Utilize department accounts in the Financial General Ledger to create unique statistical accounts
    • Manage multiple equity accounts by mapping account code segments to particular equity accounts
  • General Ledger - Journal Entry and Budgeting The Journal Entry and Budgeting allows you to:
    • Enter budget information for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year
    • Enter financial and statistical transactions occurring outside of integrated subsystems
    • Create recurring journal entries with start and stop dates
    • Enter information as foreign imports, back-dated journal entries, or audit adjustments to the prior fiscal year
    • Import transactions from third-party subsystems into the GL
    • Cut and paste Journal Voucher detail from Excel or Ormed Discovery EIS
    • Post multi-period journal entries
    • Create budgets based on trends, straight line, or custom fiscal period allocation
    • Access automatically generated Journal Voucher numbers that identify the type of Journal Voucher and the fiscal year and period in which the Journal Voucher was created
    • Reprint any Journal Voucher or journal entry posting, including prior fiscal years
  • General Ledger - Subsystem Controller The Subsystem Controller gives you the ability to:
    • Manage subsystem imports and fiscal period end controls for all your Ormed programs from a single, central location
    • Easily identify each subsystem’s current fiscal period
    • Manage subsystem import and period advancement
    • Advance GL and subsystems from a central location
    • Customize fiscal period table for the number of periods and start/end dates for each period and period name
    • Setup fiscal table for historic periods
    • Create a new fiscal year in one step

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"General Ledger" is part of the ORMED MIS line of products, developed by Ormed Information Systems.

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