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Ormed Client Billing will automate your billing and collecting processes, allowing you to significantly reduce manual workload, errors, inefficiencies, and paperwork on both sides. This product workers with any healthcare providers that bill and collect receivables from British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) or the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP); with customization to other healthcare plans available. This software fully interacts with the Accounts Receivables software, and uses it as an engine to perform tasks such as: setup tables in the Accounts Receivable Manager, Activity Entry, Reporting. This product gives you the ability to:

  • Maintain clear records of patient personal information as HCN, SIN, billing details, employer details, and contacts
  • Specify required transmission codes, allowing the system to automatically transmit files
  • Specify file names and locations, making information more easily retrievable
  • Customize the automatic adjustment of claims upon remittance receipt
  • Maintain ICD and service clarification codes
  • Set default printing options to be used by the system
  • Automate the import of activities into Client Billing for easy and accurate claims
  • Setup default receivable and/or revenue facility codes to override activity entry facility code
  • Add multiple pricing brackets per service
  • Set up default primary and secondary codes
  • Set up optional defaults (e.g., physician, taxes, ICD9 code)
  • Easily create and process activities or credits in batches
  • Automatically calculate activity and adjustment totals
  • Import information from activity or patient information
  • Easily generate a submission file for your healthcare plan
  • Specify what is included in the claim
  • The system automatically validates all selected activities to confirm that all required information is present.
  • Fully automated receipt processing saves time and reduces errors
  • The system automatically adjusts activities according to your specifications
  • Easily edit activity or admission information
  • Automatically see any changes populate the Claims screen for the next submission

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