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The Asset Management module is designed to fully automate the management of your fixed assets, be they depreciable (or not) and capital or non-capital goods. This software allows you to record all required information for each asset, add as many lines of expense detail to each asset, easily make adjustments to any asset, and add costs to the asset. Since this software is intuitive and table-driven, your non-accounting staff can manage your assets, while leaving all required accounting and journal entries to be performed by the software. This product will manage your fixed assets through the entire asset life cycle, from acquisition, depreciation, and disposal. about an asset includes the vendor, purchase order, cost, physical location, associated assets, budget, project, and useful life of minor equipment assets. For all depreciable assets, information on cost and depreciation start date is recorded; allowing the system to automatically calculate the depreciation. All depreciation calculations can be recorded centrally or allocated to the department where the asset is located. To meet your companies specific reporting needs, all assets can be grouped, subgrouped, and associated with a budget or a project. Additionally, the Ormed Asset Manager allows you to:

  • Record as much information about each asset as you wish, including vendor, purchase order, cost, physical location, associated assets, budget, project, and useful life
  • Use cost and depreciation start date to automatically calculate depreciation monthly
  • Future date the depreciation start date when recording an asset received but not to be in operation until a later date
  • Automatically generate a continuity schedule for fixed assets
  • Record depreciation centrally or allocate it to the department where the asset is located
  • Enter historic assets over multiple periods prior to initialization of the system
  • Group and subgroup assets to meet specific reporting needs
  • Associate assets with a budget or a project to facilitate specific reporting needs

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"Asset Management" is part of the ORMED MIS line of products, developed by Ormed Information Systems.

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