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Accounts Receivables consists of the following sub-modules: Manager, Client Invoicing, Cash Receipts, Activity Entry, Reporting, Cash Management, and Trust Accounting.

  • Accounts Receivable - Manager allows you to:
    • Maintain clear records of patient personal information as HCN, SIN, billing details, employer details, and contacts
    • Pertinent information is transferable to activity entry screens with a click of a button, eliminating re-keying time and errors
    • Personalize invoices, receipts, and statements
    • Default refund and write off accounts, patient rebate accounts, and tax rates
    • Set default printing options to be used by the system unless overridden for a particular transaction or posting
    • Optional “auto invoice” feature to designate a guarantor-specific invoice prefix and factor grouping options for invoice creation with the click of a button
    • Customize aging increments to enhance usage of the Aged Trial Balance report
    • Optional default receivable and/or revenue facility code to override activity entry facility code enhances reporting for multiple-facility organizations
    • Default primary codes for revenue and accruals
    • Default codes for processing collections and write offs
    • Add multiple pricing brackets per service
    • Default primary and secondary codes
    • Optional defaults such as physician, taxes, and ICD9 code
  • Accounts Receivable - Client Invoicing allows you to:
    • Automatically produce client invoices
    • Group posted and tagged activities by guarantor, service, or AR type for custom-invoicing
    • Use auto-invoice function to quickly generate all or specified invoices according to defaults predefined in the AR Manager
    • Create single or multiple invoices as desired and statements on demand
    • When required, bypass activity entry procedure and create a manual invoice, identifying the specific accounting transaction
  • Accounts Receivable - Cash Receipts allows you to:
    • Easily manage how payments are processed and applied to outstanding activities
    • Record any form of collection, including invoice payments, prepayments, payments on account, and donations
    • Locate activities by invoice number, recipient, or guarantor
    • Apply a miscellaneous payment to a client or guarantor’s account for subsequent allocation to activities
    • Create, view, print, edit, or delete recurring receipt templates
    • Cancel or unallocate receipts
    • Refund overpayments or write off outstanding balances
  • Accounts Receivable - Activity Entry allows you to:
    • Easily create and process activities or credits within batches housing multiple facility combinations
    • Edit and print what you need
    • Automatically calculate activity and adjustment totals
    • Edit non-accounting information within posted batches
    • Easily make adjustments to posted activities and produce an activity report providing an audit trail of the updated charge
    • Import information from Ormed Inventory Sales and activity or recipient information
  • Accounts Receivable - Cash Management allows you to:
    • Automate the reconciliation process between cash counts and receipts processed for any given location
    • Setup templates to use for daily or weekly floats and cash counts
    • Setup user-defined variance limit to trigger the system to require supervisor override to post a cash count in the event a variance exceeds that limit
    • Create journal vouchers to transfer selected cash counts from cash on hand to bank to assist bank reconciliation process
    • Access easy-to-use reports that provide an audit trail of approved variances, cash counts, and deposits
  • Accounts Receivable - Trust Accounting allows you to:
    • Setup multiple user-defined trust accounts per patient (i.e., the user names the trust account categories and sets up as many different types as required for monitoring purposes)
    • Designate a minimum balance per trust account, per patient, with a replenishment report for monitoring accounts and informing patients or their families when additional funds need to be deposited
    • Process deposits and withdrawals into trust accounts in real-time
    • Track patient valuables
    • Automatically calculate interest for funds held in patient accounts
    • Fully integrated with the AR system to allow for payment from a trust account to cover outstanding charges
    • Easily generate reports that provide an audit trail of trust accounts, transaction history, and valuables

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