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When beginning a new transaction, you can see the credit status of your customers, their address, and all their identification cards. If the customer’s account has been blocked or if he is in payment default, you shall get a red note. You will also see any comments linked to this customer, good or bad.

A blocked account prevents you from proceeding while a payment default note is just a warning.


The next step is to enter the delivery information. You can specify if the transaction will be delivered or picked-up.

This allows you to print reports and delivery forms to build the work schedule of your delivery teams. You can enter the delivery address, if different than the billing address, or you could pick the “ship to” from your customer’s list. Finally, you can use five customizable fields where you could enter any additional information needed by your operations.


The correct price for each item based on your customer status automatically comes up. You have the option of modifying that price.

The new price will be kept on the transaction for its whole duration without affecting the default price of the equipment, if desired.

There is no limit to the length of the transactions, you can have as many pages of items as needed. Also, to make things easier to understand for your customers, you can add lines of text to the transaction detail.


Discount rates are brought up automatically and can be modified. Discounts are calculated only on the equipment marked as discountable. You can also add additional charges like damage waivers, shipping, cleaning or labor charges. The tax system is extensive: taxes can be charged based on the customers’ address, the delivery address, or entered manually. You can keep customer deposits on transactions. You can issue the invoice once the equipment is back or you can pre-invoice from the rental contract.

Other Applications

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"Rental Contract" is part of the Sirius - Rental Software line of products, developed by Orion Software.