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Sirius - Rental Software

A multi‑module management system designed by Orion Software for retail trade companies.
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Sirius is a 3rd generation Rental Software

This means that this is the third time we rewrite our rental software…not because the previous versions were not good, but because new technology offers numerous advantages. Just think about the easy picture integration, email and fax capabilities, or the ease of installation, training and support found within the Windows environment!

Sirius was developed with input from industry leaders and, combined with our 15 years of experience, we have created a powerful, flexible, yet easy to use and learn rental solution.

Sirius was developed with three key objectives in mind:

  • Improve business processes and deliver operational savings
  • Enhance customer service by providing real-time information, complete and clear forms, and precise inventory availability status
  • Gather and share knowledge, through extensive kits and accessory management or using the operation notes available for each piece of equipment

Sirius advantages

  • Monitor pick-ups and returns, quickly and efficiently
  • Profit from automatic price and tax calculation, while keeping special agreements for each customer in mind
  • Avoid double bookings that are disastrous to your customers and your reputation
  • Eliminate time consuming tasks such as manual form entries (reservations, contracts, invoices, statements of account…)
  • Invoice professionally, in your customer’s language
  • Monitor customer credit limits, special instructions and accounts receivable efficiently
  • Access the location and availability of your equipment at all times
  • Efficiently manage equipment operations and availability in several branches, in real time
  • Prevent oversights and lost add-on sales, thanks to our Kit and Accessories Management
  • Instantly access a detailed customer rental and equipment history
  • Track maintenance, repairs and depreciation for all your equipment

Popular Functionality Modules

Rental Contract Status When beginning a new transaction, you can see the credit status of your customers, their address, and all their identification cards. If the customer’s account…

Accounts Receivable Sirius offers an extensive accounts receivable system. For each customer, you can select if they have an account or not, their credit margin, interest rate, etc. You can also…

Item Maintenance Management With Sirius, you can track the maintenance of your equipment and put them easily “in repair”. It then becomes unavailable and prints out an internal repair document…

Accessory Management This is a feature similar to the kits. The difference is that the accessories are suggested on a pop-up screen for an item. They are a list of compatible accessories that…

Kit Management A kit is a group of items that usually rents together. For each of these items, you can decide if they will be included in the price of the kit or charged for individually.…

Complete Functionality Module List

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