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Located in Montreal, Quebec, Orion Software has one core belief: Your rental business is serious, and so is ours! For almost 20 years, Orion has listened to the rental industry, and acted on what they’ve learned. Sirius has evolved into a best-of-breed Rental & Inventory Management Software that is powerful, integrated and easy to use. Our solution is a Windows-based, 3rd generation, best-of-breed Rental and Sales application, designed for the different needs of the Rental supply industries. Sirius enables you to track your activities and inventories effectively and with ease, thereby improving your revenue, profits and ROI. We also link directly to Peachtree, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and other standard accounting packages, allowing you to retain your current accounting practices.

The effectiveness you will gain by using Sirius will allow you to save substantial amounts of money. Better tracking, less redundancy, better invoicing, drill down calendar to see the availability of specific items, over 100 different reports to help analyze and improve operations and understand the yield on every transaction, bar-coding, equipment reservations management, staff management, maintenance tracking, kit management, integrated Point of Sale system, serialized inventory management, multi-branch functionality and many more features. Your business will benefit from picture integration of clients and inventory, integrated email and faxing, drivers license and credit card swiping, and many more features, all within a standard Windows environment, using basic off-the-shelf hardware. Sirius is powerful enough to meet your multi-branch and high-transaction needs, yet simple and affordable enough for Mom & Pop operations. With a starting price of $4750 USD, including training, Sirius is easy to implement and use, and flexible enough to grow as your business expands and changes.

Always on the cutting edge, Orion Software invests over $100,000 annually to add new features and functionality to Sirius, so that their clients will always have a product that meets their changing needs. When speaking with the sales team, the first thing you will notice is their no-pressure approach to this process. The team will guide you through a detailed needs analysis and online demo, and also offering a pre-approved, flexible financing program that allows the customer to build a monthly payment plan based on their own corporate budget. Training is an ongoing process, working on the clients schedule so that there will be a minimal impact on the client’s daily activities. We are proud to offer the lowest total cost of implementation in the industry.

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