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The Accounts Payable application of Orion gives you everything you need to record, manage, and pay for your firms expenses. Within this application it is possible to setup recurring payables, trust accounts, and client advances. To make this product adaptable to any law firm, it will support an unlimited number of banks, and allows for full tracking of various types of 1099 forms.

  • Quick Checks - Orion’s on-demand checks feature requires only a few short seconds to generate checks. New payees can be created or existing payees can be recalled easily. Distribution can be postponed to a later time. Multiple check formats can be created for various vendor types.
  • Voucher Entry - This is a one-point entry feature that will handle all invoices, client advances, office expenses, and all retainer and trust disbursements
  • Check Printing - Check printing is done by simply selecting your bank, viewing all open vouchers, and selecting which invoices you wish to pay.
  • Vendor Inquiries - The drill down capability of Orion allows you to view the details and get additional information with a few simple mouse clicks. Additionally, you are able to view the status of any transaction charged to Client-Matters, including if and when they were billed.
  • Reconciliation - Orion will handle the reconciliation for an unlimited number of accounts, all you must do is, each month, enter the deposits and miscellaneous charges. Then simply compare your data to the bank statement and check off cleared entries.
  • 1099 Printing - As previously stated, Orion supports an unlimited number of 1099 form types, and will automatically collect all necessary information and generate the reports at your discretion.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the Orion line of products, developed by Orion Law Management Systems.