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A developer of business management software.

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There are hundreds of thousands of ecommerce storefronts that look beautiful, polished and stylish. Yet, if you go behind the scenes and look at their shipping operations, it’s ugly and archaic. Merchants still manage data in spreadsheets, emails, papers in folders and repeatedly enter the same data across multiple systems. It’s our mission to change that.

We create user-centric, thoughtfully-designed software that’s helping merchants efficiently manage everything that happens after the order is placed on their webstore. Tasks such as shipping, dropshipping and inventory management are what we’re focused on making better. It’s not the sexiest stuff to be dealing with, but we’re having a pretty good time.

We’re backed by some great people including EMerge, Capital Factory, 500 Startups and some brilliant angel investors. We’ve also surrounded ourselves with experienced advisors, including many serial entrepreneurs. They’re all with us for the long haul, so we’ve got the support we need to create a successful, sustainable and scalable business.

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  • Ordoro

    A cloud-based inventory management software system designed by Ordoro.

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