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Orchid Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Orchid Systems is a global Sage Endorsed Partner and Gold Development Partner – part of the Sage community for over 20 years – developing innovative modules to enhance the functionality of Sage 300.

Orchid develops modules for Sage 300 (Accpac) that provide analytical tools for more effective decision making and information management. Our aim is to simplify and automate what can be time consuming, complex and necessary-but-routine tasks with our modules that are developed in the Sage Software Development Kit (SDK).

The result is improved efficiency and productivity combined with increased customer service and satisfaction. Orchid has won many awards from Sage, including International Rising Star, International Development Partner of the Year, Australia/New Zealand Development Partner of the Year, International Gold Development Partner of the Year. You can recommend and use Orchid’s modules, confident in the benefits, the stability and support available.

There are many ways you can streamline your business operation, to become more efficient. You can work harder, or work smarter - by automating and simplifying daily processes – and use your time to better value.

Orchid’s modules are designed to increase your competitive advantage with modules that make you ask “How did I manage without them?” and provide information for better decisions and practical, easy to use tools that make a good system, Sage 300, even better. Working smarter!

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