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A developer of business management software.

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Orblogic is providing complete, concise and comprehensive workforce management solutions for all industries including small, medium and large businesses in all industries.


Innovation is serving the market with better technologies and more effective products. We constantly strive to bring products and services to market that enhance our customers efficiency and productivity.


Agility is the ability to rapidly adjust to changing market conditions and technologies. We strive to maintain our agility and to enhance the agility and competitiveness of our customers.

Continuous Improvement

Technology advances by way of continuous improvement. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in everything we do, beginning with our development and business practices, and continuing through all our products and services.


At Orblogic, we are committed to exceeding ordinary standards and acceptable performance. We continuously evaluate our quality to ensure that our products and services meet the highest standards of excellence.

Security Matters

At HRMatrix, we know how valuable and precious your data is. We believe in complete security of your data. We use modern technologies like Cloud Computing and several firewalls, we make your data as secure as in Amazon Cloud.

Enhanced Customer Support

At Orblogic, we listen to customers and realize that our success is dependent on yours. We consider our customers as business partners, whose satisfaction and feedback is crucial to our common success.

Provide Best of the Breed

Orblogic is committed to provide the most effective technology available in all its products. We work round the clock to produce best-of-breed products, rich with features and capabilities. We put our products through exhaustive cycles of quality assurance testing before bringing them to market, making them worthy of customer confidence and loyalty.

Product Lines

  • FleetMatrix

    A fleet management software system deesigned by Orblogic.

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