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There was a day when tax and accounting industries fueled new technological growth. These days, taxes and accounting seem to be the last industries to adopt new technologies. The mantra is that accountants and tax practitioners are conservative, fuddy-duddy, and stuck in their ways. The conventional thinking is that professional tax software is a mature market without room for innovation. Maybe you’ve heard a software vendor think, “Why invest in innovation when the industry is consolidating?”

The truth is, tax accounting software is a cash cow for vendors, and they see no reason to rock the boat.

Good thing we don’t like mantras or conventional thinking. We see the professional tax market as ripe for innovation and change. We think that accountants are smarter than that and should be offered the latest and greatest. Sure, some people think we’re crazy. We think that paying $10,000 for the same thing every year is crazy. We think you can adopt new and better ways of doing things, and doing so will make your practice thrive.

We’ve thought this way for a while, and in 2004, we founded Orange Door, Inc. to test our thinking. We thought that by applying emerging web 2.0 technologies to the tax and finance world, we could make a radical difference in the way you do business. We thought that accounting tools could use a revamp and some new thinking. We think that the future of the professional tax industry is vibrant, and exciting, and that you and your clients should benefit from it.

If you think this way too, let us know. Give us your thoughts, and your ideas. We think we can build a better future with you.

Our Goals:

  • To support and empower small and mid-sized accounting firms.
  • To produce the best accounting software, period.
  • To make our software affordable for small and mid-sized firms.
  • To back our products with the best in total customer support.

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