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An integral part of Oracle’s Human Capital Management and Business Intelligence solutions, Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions provides forwardlooking insight into your workforce trends and helps you take action early, aligning human capital with organizational needs.

Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions uses current and historical indicators to predict performance and attrition, determine corrective action through “what if” scenario modeling, and provide the ability to implement that corrective action. For example, a top performer might be predicted to have a high likelihood of attrition or become a poor performer based on hours worked without taking holiday absence and a lower-than-average pay increase. Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions will flag this worker to their manager and HR, provide the reasoning behind the prediction, and allow the user to perform a “what-if” analysis impact on the prediction. Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions shifts the management of the workforce from one based on history to one based on determining how one can minimize or exploit what will happen tomorrow.

Key features

  • Predict individual attrition and performance
  • Predict team attrition and performance
  • Understand what impacts workers most
  • Take corrective action through “what if” modeling
  • Predictive 9-box
  • Create predictive workforce plans
  • Add or remove data points
  • Create new predictive models
  • Asses the accuracy of models
  • Embedded throughout Fusion HCM

Key benefits

Fusion Workforce Predictions provides organizations with an extensible, scalable framework to predict and improve worker performance and attrition.

  • Predict at all levels of the organization
  • Know why top performers stop performing before it happens
  • Know who will leave before they leave
  • Take corrective action on predicted performance or attrition issues
  • Create actions based on predicted worker models
  • Understand the predicted impact when implementing workforce changes

Other Applications

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"Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions" is part of the Oracle ERP Cloud line of products, developed by Oracle.