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Employees and managers can spend countless hours wading through various screens or having to make phone calls to find information in order to complete the most basic HR transactions. This results in frustration, lost productivity, and suboptimal decisions. Oracle Fusion HCM was built with workers, managers and HR professionals in mind. Analytics are embedded throughout the system and linked directly to transactions and decision points. No more searching through multiple screens or systems to find the information you need to make a decision. Each screen lets you clearly see the other pieces of relevant information you might need to maximize your productivity.

With Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence embedded analytics, role-based dashboards, and on-the- fly ad hoc reporting capabilities make data access and interpretation easier than ever before. Users are able to see updates in real-time, and their impact, through embedded analytics. For example, during the compensation budgeting process, a manager is able to see a running tally for reference right on the page. This eliminates the guesswork with dashboards that deliver in-line information while you do your work. Pre-delivered operational reports are enriched with robust and flexible ad hoc query capabilities that access real-time transactional data – no need to push data to a separate warehouse or engage the IT department for a custom report: it‟s easy, and right at your fingertips.

Key features

  • Report from 9,000 HCM data objects
  • 100+ pre-built metrics
  • 60+ canned reports
  • 100+ facts & dimensions
  • Role based dashboards
  • Pre-built star-schemas for reporting
  • Build once, share everywhere within Fusion Applications
  • Report from one place
  • Embedded analytics
  • Report builder designed for HR or IT
  • Available on iPad or iPhone
  • Export Reports to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint

Key benefits

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) – Fusion Edition is a set of pre-seeded yet customizable analysis structures that Fusion Applications users can access to create ad hoc reports, dashboards and alerts to aid daily decision-making.

  • Build rich, visual and interactive reports and publish to multiple users.
  • Create reports using real time transactional data.
  • Easy for business users to access, analyze, and use the transactional information.
  • Integrates well with the OBIEE features of saving reports, sending alerts and ability to enable certain business process actions within the Fusion Applications.
  • Perform self- service, ad-hoc analysis.
  • Make better operational decisions based on real time analysis.
  • Move seamlessly between Fusion Applications and your Transactional BI solution.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence:

"Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence" is part of the Oracle ERP Cloud line of products, developed by Oracle.