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An integral part of Oracle Fusion Procurement, Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal improves the way you interact and collaborate with suppliers. This dynamic, secure solution provides superior supplier and performance management.

Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal is the next generation application for enabling smarter supplier interactions. It is a browser-based, supplier self-service solution that brings a holistic approach to supplier management by removing communication barriers between you and your suppliers.

Improve Supplier Communications

With Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal, your suppliers gain access to a secure, integrated work area that provides full visibility to transactions, offers closed loop collaboration, and enables electronic invoicing. Instead of struggling with disparate systems, faxes, emails, or voice messages, suppliers can access a secure work area that provides a complete summary of all transactions that require attention. With just a few clicks, suppliers get the most current status of negotiations, agreements, purchase orders, advance shipment notifications, and invoices. By providing instant access to the most current information a, you can enable them to better serve your business.

Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal makes it easy to expand self service to almost any supplier by providing an intuitive, browser-based solution. And it increases the variety of self-service transactions by providing a solution that is integrated across the entire source-to-settle lifecycle.

By broadening supplier self service, you can eliminate supplier’s repetitive phone inquiries, manual paper processing, and miscommunication. For example, supplier catalog authoring allows suppliers to maintain item pricing and descriptions with only minimal intervention by procurement staff. Likewise, suppliers can manage their own order related tasks such as providing acknowledgements, advanced shipping notices, and change requests. All supplier change requests are tracked, routed, and approved to ensure controls are maintained. Suppliers can also submit invoices electronically, allowing you to reduce unnecessary paper handling, enforce invoice controls, and improve the timeliness of payments.

Enable Supplier Registration

It is easy and quick to enable suppliers to use Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal. Suppliers can be quickly on-boarded through a simple online registration process. And once they are active, suppliers can easily manage their contact information to ensure that you have up to date and accurate information. Suppliers can also manage their business classifications during registration. This gives you easy access to supplier diversity information which is critical to compliance and reporting.

Key Features

  • Web based supplier self-service
  • Consolidated supplier work area
  • Supplier agreement collaboration
  • Supplier change order management
  • Electronic invoice presentment
  • Embedded learning
  • Information driven user experience

Key Benefits

  • Improve communications with suppliers
  • Deliver best in class supplier collaboration
  • Easy supplier setup and support
  • Reduce errors and inquiries
  • Faster issue resolution