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Leverage negotiation best practices, drive strategic savings initiatives and achieve bottom-line results with Oracle Fusion Sourcing. An integral part of Oracle Fusion Procurement, Oracle Fusion Sourcing provides the next generation application for smarter negotiation.

Driving sustainable savings is a common goal of procurement organizations. Achieving this goal requires the proper tools to manage an increasing number of complex strategic sourcing initiatives. Oracle Fusion Sourcing delivers the structure, tools and information you need to maximize the value of supplier negotiations. As part of the integrated Oracle Fusion Procurement suite, you can negotiate enforceable agreements that comply with policies and deliver realized savings.

Make Sourcing Easier for Everyone

In order to meet performance objectives procurement organizations must maximize the value of negotiated contracts. To that end, providing users with easy-to-use tools is vital. Invariably, organizations that fail to do so suffer from low rates of adoption among sourcing professionals, push-back from line of business users, and the burden of training suppliers.

Oracle Fusion Sourcing inspires adoption and simplifies sourcing processes by providing users with step-by-step guidance throughout the negotiation lifecycle. This will enable sourcing professionals to tailor negotiations to the organization’s needs, leverage information from past events, and collaborate with subject matter experts from across the business. The process will reduce negotiation cycle times and accelerates the rate of realized savings. Oracle Fusion Sourcing’s intuitive user experience also benefits suppliers. A comprehensive overview of sourcing activity makes it easy for suppliers to understand current status and to take action. Support for commonly used applications, such as spreadsheets, makes submitting bid responses very straightforward. And Oracle Fusion Sourcing even offers embedded online training that makes it easy for suppliers engage in every part of the sourcing processes.

By reducing the effort to train users, Oracle Fusion Sourcing helps procurement organizations focus on what’s important: getting the most value from strategic sourcing.

Keep on top of Sourcing Activity

Having visibility to sourcing activity is paramount to ensuring that your organization is exploiting the largest opportunities with the best available talent. Oracle Fusion Sourcing gives you a sourcing calendar for better visibility to upcoming negotiations, recent sourcing activities to keep you informed of what’s going on, and a negotiation monitor to accurately assess the competitive landscape and potential savings. At a glance, you can quickly see how a negotiation is progressing and take actions such as extending or pausing an auction. With Oracle Fusion Sourcing, everyone has the visibility they need and the tools to get things done.

Create Real, Long Term Savings

Leaving savings on the table is not an option. Manually compiling and comparing supplier proposals can be time consuming and ineffective. Oracle Fusion Sourcing provides you with award analysis tools that allow you to quickly determine the best award decision for your business based on factors such as price, quality and value. With Oracle Fusion Sourcing, you have the tools to lower costs, increase savings, and achieve the best value possible.

Key Features

  • Negotiation planning with sourcing calendar, recent activities and recommended actions
  • Guided negotiation creation with reusable negotiation styles and templates
  • Online supplier negotiations
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders
  • Consolidated view of sourcing activities for buyers and suppliers
  • Spreadsheet support for supplier responses and award analysis
  • Award analysis

Key Benefits

  • Increase value from sourcing
  • Enhance negotiation strategies and improve results
  • Streamline supplier negotiations
  • Drive competitive behavior from suppliers
  • Minimize training and ongoing support