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Oracle Fusion Project Performance Reporting delivers a revolutionary approach to help project-driven organizations keep pace and keep score through extraordinary project performance insight. It allows project stakeholders to receive answers to critical business questions and take action in real time, utilizing a multidimensional model at the heart of the solution to deliver the right information at the right time.

Revolutionary Project Performance Reporting

Traditional project systems allow for the input of data without the benefit of analyzed actionable intelligence for key stakeholders. At the same time project managers are under increasing pressure to provide reliable information for faster and more effective decision making. Fusion Project Performance Reporting offers real-time information access that delivers accurate and timely operational insight into the health of a set of projects through a graphical and configurable role-based dashboard.

Users can oversee and compare key performance indicators (KPIs) side-by-side across multiple projects to focus on projects that require immediate attention. Comparison of current and past project performance is easy through historical KPI trends, which highlight improvements or degradation in performance and bring to attention projects with ongoing or escalating issues, along with any trends you need to be aware of. Out-of-the-box graphical charts and analytics lets users carry out comparisons and variance analyses of budget to forecasts, non-billable costs, labor effort, margin, costs and revenue to quickly spot anomalies for any project. By focusing on exceptions, project managers are freed up to focus on more strategic work.

User experiences and productivity gains are realized through an intuitive user interface, with single-click action designed for quick access to key information about each project, including project progress, related contracts or underlying KPI details. Without leaving the dashboard, users can quickly drill to the originating project transactions and even take corrective action.

Innovative Project Reporting Platform Delivers Real-Time Results

Oracle Fusion Project Performance Reporting delivers a unique multi-dimensional project reporting platform– embedded inside Fusion PPM and leveraging Oracle Essbase for industryleading online analytical processing, to provide specialized analytics for the project manager. This platform provides rapid and flexible analysis capabilities on project performance information, based on live project transaction data, with the benefits of a single source of truth and full project transparency, for informed business decisions.

Self-Monitoring Projects Alert you to Exceptions

Missing and unprocessed transactions can prevent accurate capitalization, billing, and reporting with project managers spending excessive time researching, running reports, and reviewing details to determine if data is missing or inaccurate before confidently reporting project status. With Fusion Project Performance Reporting, users are proactively notified of potential project issues without having to hunt for information. Projects are managed by exception, allowing managers to focus on what matters.

Projects routinely process transactions for a wide variety of feeder applications, which may be in various stages of processing. As a result, unprocessed transactions can impact the financial view of the project if they are not included. Embedded analytics automatically provide early insight into any unprocessed transactions such as missing timecards or billing exceptions. Key facts and information that may affect the project performance is pushed to the dashboard, such as when progress was last published for a project, when revenue was last recognized, or when the budget baselines were generated.

Key performance indicators can be monitored and analyzed by task and by resource as well as at the project level, for further insight into the current and historical health of individual tasks and resources. An easy-to-use central repository for notes captured over the life of the project provides a consistent process for recording and accessing supplementary information relating to the health of the project.

Take Action to Keep Projects on Track

Proactive information not only alerts users to potential problems, but they can also take immediate corrective action to resolve any issues which are highlighted. For example, when missing project cost transactions are highlighted, the process to import and burden the transactions can be executed, right from the dashboard. Or if a project timecard is missing, the contact information is presented to the user, to help them resolve the issue.

Underlying project transactions can be quickly accessed and actioned from the dashboard. For example, if a KPI for non-billable cost is flagged as out of the expected range due to an incorrectly classified charge which should have been billed to a customer, users can drill to the originating project expenditures, and make any necessary adjustments, directly from the dashboard. The ability to take immediate action lets you quickly address and turn around project health issues and get the project back on track.

Configurable for your Business

Project-centric organizations have specific and diverse needs for project performance reporting. With Fusion Project Performance Reporting, each project has its own watch-list of key performance indicators, so users can keep an eye on what’s important for that particular project. All performance measures and KPIs, along with the performance dashboard itself are fully configurable by a business user, allowing for tailoring to specific tolerances and thresholds according to the needs of the business, making project performance easy to understand, easy to measure and easy to assess.

Fusion Project Portfolio Management is Social

The diverse and globally dispersed nature of project work in today’s business environment dictates the user of social and collaborative tools to assist in employee productivity and business efficiency. With Project Team Connect, project team members have a single place to go for real-time interaction with the project community, across geographies and time zones. Embedded tools and work spaces are automatically provided to facilitate and encourage collaboration between team members through activity streams, forums, tagging, events, chat and presence, wikis and blogs, all within a secure project context and configurable by a business user.

About Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management

Oracle Fusion Applications are completely open, standards-based enterprise applications that can be easily integrated into a service-oriented architecture. Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management dramatically improves the way project-driven organizations and project professionals work, from the project executive and business stakeholder, to the project manager and the project team member. Social capabilities, embedded throughout Fusion Project Portfolio Management and delivered through Project Team Connect, ensure consistent communication in a secure, collaborative, team-based environment, for project delivery success.

Key Features

  • Cross-project operational performance dashboard
  • Embedded analytics highlight unprocessed costs
  • Trends and historical analysis for project key performance indicators
  • Proactive notification of potential project financial issues
  • Actionable project performance intelligence
  • Performance analysis by project, tasks or resources
  • Project KPI watchlist
  • Easy-to-use project performance notes
  • Fully configurable to your business needs
  • Embedded social collaboration tools

Key Features

  • Accurate, rapid decision support through unique real-time project reporting platform
  • Rapid turnaround of project issues for improved health
  • Self-monitoring projects free project staff for more strategic work
  • Decrease hours spent on reporting & analysis
  • Lower cost of project management activities
  • Reduce IT time spent on reporting and analysis support
  • Productivity gains through nextgeneration user interface
  • Enhanced communications and collaboration for improved project health