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Oracle Fusion Project Integration Gateway brings together world-class financial project management from Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management and best in-class project execution in an optimized end-to-end enterprise project and portfolio management process. The result is a fully integrated and automated solution, which not only provides a single source of project truth, but also enables users to work in their tool of choice.

Managing a project in multiple systems without fully integrating them can result in a disjointed process creating project overruns, delaying execution and duplicating effort. With Fusion Project Integration Gateway, financial project management and project execution are seamlessly melded and optimized into a single business process.

Allow Users to Work in their Tool of Choice

Project accountants and project managers often prefer to work at differing levels of detail, resulting in one of the parties, typically the project manager, having to manage their work outside the enterprise application. With Fusion Project Integration Gateway, both the financial and the execution plans are supported and integrated, to satisfy the needs of both accountants and project managers, and allowing users to work the way they want, in their preferred application. Project accountants define the high-level project work breakdown structure, whilst project managers wishing to develop the plan in greater detail are free to build out the project work structure and activities below this, to reflect the way they work.

Single Source of Project Truth

With Fusion Project Integration Gateway project financial and execution information is shared throughout the lifecycle, leading to project transparency and a single source of truth. With this release Fusion Project Integration Gateway supports out-of-the-box integration with Primavera P6 for an end-to-end enterprise project portfolio management business process.

Global resources and rates, defined in Fusion, can be passed to Primavera’s resource dictionary to support planning and estimating in P6 and, since the project accountants and project managers are sharing a common set of rates, the chance of inaccuracies between the estimating and budgeting processes is eliminated.

Once the project manager is satisfied with the plan it is simply shared with the project accountant in Fusion and, since the planned resource profile is preserved by summarizing resources against common financial periods, budget accuracy is ensured. When the updated plan is passed to Fusion, a budget is automatically generated at the level project accountants need to successfully manage costs while avoiding unnecessary detail.

As the project is executed, the latest progress and contract milestone status entered by the project team in Primavera is used in Fusion by the project financial team as input to the contract billing. Conversely, project accountants can send project updates and costs to Primavera, so project managers get automatic visibility into the actual costs incurred for resources against the project plan.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated end-to-end business process flow for enterprise PPM
  • Support for project management integrations
  • Allow users to work in their tool of choice
  • Highlighted exception processing
  • Schedule import and export processes

Key Features: Privaera P6 Integration

  • Extend Fusion PPM to support granular scheduling requirements
  • Budget accuracy increased with Primavera P6 planning detail
  • Share global resources and rates
  • Progress contract work within Primavera P6
  • Share actual amounts with Primavera P6
  • Share financial periods

Key Benefits

  • Reduced duplication of effort
  • Fewer project overruns
  • Single source of project truth
  • Project process improvement
  • Decreased administrative effort