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Oracle Fusion Project Costing is a comprehensive solution delivering highly automated and streamlined project costing processes. The fully integrated solution allows project-centric organizations to capture and account for project costs and commitments from across Fusion applications as well as supporting third party integrations, delivering standardized cost collection processes for expedited project costing and timely visibility into validated expenditures.

Managing project costs is an administrative burden, whether your organization is billing for project work, managing a capital asset project, or tracking internal project costs. Fusion Project Costing allows you to manage project costs quickly and easily, reducing your administrative overhead.

Standardized Project Cost Capture

Fusion Project Cost Collection Center delivers a common standard for project cost collection across all applications, through a consistent user interface for collecting costs across other Fusion and third party applications, which is easily configurable by end-users to meet business needs. Whether capturing costs for purchase requisitions, purchase orders, expense reports or supplier invoices, the cost capture elements are defined consistently across applications, while providing the flexibility to support the needs of each individual document type, for example whether costs captured may be billable or capitalizable. Fusion Project Costing allows project accountants to work the way they like to work and is optimized for their needs. Integration with Microsoft Excel provides a familiar interface for capturing project costs with a smooth integration and data transfer to Oracle Fusion Project Costing, or project costs can be automatically imported from third-party systems. Out-of-thebox delivered integration with Microsoft Project supports the pushing of actual costs collected in Fusion Project Costing to the project plan in Microsoft Project. Business user-configured rules control and regulate the types of expenditure which can be charged against a project task and are easily managed using optimized user interfaces. Additionally, cost rate schedules for both labor and non-labor resources can be easily maintained through a single simple user interface.

One-Stop Project Costing Processing

A single configurable and simplified process for importing, validating, pricing and burdening project cost transactions from multiple sources, whether for contract or capital projects, reduces the administrative overhead and significantly streamlines traditional cost processing. If project managers want to see project costs without waiting for accounting to be completed, the project costing accounting processes can be decoupled to allow the pricing of expenditure items without accounting for them.

Intelligent Project Costing Work Areas

Costing work areas, designed with user productivity in mind, call out actionable items and transactions needing attention. Real-time insight into any cost transaction processing errors or capital asset transactions needing attention is proactively provided to project accountants so they can be quickly resolved. Gain real-time exception based insight into cost transactions with processing errors. Cost adjustments are highly streamlined allowing users to rapidly identify transactions needing adjustment, applying adjustments to multiple expenditures in one step, and immediately view the results of the adjustment via live project transactions.

Eliminate Integration Costs and Close Your Books Faster

Fusion Project Costing is fully integrated with Fusion Financials and Fusion Procurement for comprehensive project cost management and accounting. Integration with Fusion Assets supports the full lifecycle for capital projects to accumulate costs for fixed assets to be built, installed or acquired, including asset creation, cost capture, allocation and capitalization, asset adjustment and retirement processing. Integration with Fusion Procurement and Financials, including Purchasing, Payables and General Ledger ensures end-to-end business process support including cross-charges, commitments and streamlined project cost capture. Integration with Fusion Subledger Accounting supports organization-specific rules as well as best-in-class global accounting representations and currency treatments. With Oracle Fusion Project Costing you can reduce processing time, eliminate integration costs, and close the books faster.

Key Features

  • Common standard for project cost collection across all applications
  • Streamlined import and processing for project cost transactions
  • Embedded transactional intelligence guides users’ decisions
  • Integrated across the enterprise with Financials, Procurement and Assets
  • View costs independent of cost accounting
  • Pre-populated cost work area
  • Microsoft Excel integration for capturing project costs
  • Streamlined expenditure controls
  • Centralized cost rate definition for labor and non-labor resources

Key Benefits

  • Decrease time staff spends on project administration
  • Reduced time spent on identification and resolution of cost transaction processing errors
  • Faster visibility into validated project costs
  • Lower enterprise integration costs
  • Close the books faster