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Oracle Fusion Product Hub helps organizations transform their business because it becomes the single source of truth for all product information, regardless of data source or use case.

Oracle Fusion Product Hub allows organizations to take control of their product master data across their entire portfolio of applications, both Oracle and onOracle. Oracle Fusion Product Hub collects product information from heterogeneous systems, stores it in a centrally managed repository, consolidates, cleanses and enriches the data, and then shares it across systems as well as with other internal and external parties. The result is reduced maintenance, improved accuracy and faster new system and product introductions.

Establish a Foundation for Rapid Innovation and Growth

As companies have transformed and grown, either organically or through mergers and acquisitions, they have been left with multiple overlapping and redundant systems, and with that, a severe product data management challenge. This restrictstheir agility and flexibility, increases costs and impacts quality – slowing their ability to innovate and bring new products to market. Oracle’s solution to this product master data dilemma is Oracle Fusion Product Hub. Oracle Fusion Product Hub centralizes product information from heterogeneous systems, creating a single yet extensible view of product information that can be leveraged within and beyond the enterprise.

Consolidate and Enrich Critical Product Data

Oracle Fusion Product Hub provides multiple mechanisms for on-boarding product data including a rich set of APIs, Web Services and Excel. Furthermore, CSV or XML files containing product data in supplier specific formats can be on-boarded via a simple transformation map defined through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Data stewards can also review product data, perform data quality checks and ensure data accuracy prior to importing data into the hub.

In Fusion Product Hub, users can create and manage both structured and unstructured product information such as specifications, features, product structures, images, documents, as well as establish business relationships with other products or trading partner items. The extensible product data model, with associated validations, allows customers to master their enterprise product data in the context of their unique business needs, systems and a wide array of usecases.

Proactively Validate and Cleanse Product Data

Oracle Fusion Product Hub has the ability to embed sophisticated validation and product data quality functions within the standard process flows. These self-learning product data quality functions ensure the standardization, auto-classification and de-duplication of product data at the point of entry in real-time – increasing data quality in the most cost effective way. This in turn allows products to conform to business rules that need to be enforced in the organization.

Enforce Data Governance

Data Governance is an essential platform for successful master data management as it brings together people, process and technology to establish enterprise-wide standards and policies on important aspects of data ownership, data security, data quality and key business processes. Oracle Fusion Product Hub enables master data governance by providing a holistic data governance framework that allows organizations to enforce their standards and policies for managing product data. Role based and data level security gives organizations the ability to enforce granular access control on product information. A robust business rules framework, augmented with rule-impact analysis, allows customers to validate various aspects of their product definitions including attribute values, relationships and cross references across business entities and assess the impact prior to committing a business rule.

Oracle Fusion Product Hub also provides a flexible and extensible workflow management framework that allows customers to define the workflow best suited to their organizational structure and business needs. Version Management allows deployment of changes to product information with a future date, thus allowing business operations sufficient time to adopt these changes. Ongoing data changes can be controlled via change policies and workflows, allowing review and approval before changes are implemented. This ability reduces administrative overhead, enforces governance policies and streamlines the release management process resulting in significant cost and time savings.

Enable Faster Decisions with Embedded Product Data Analytics

Embedded analytics provides decision makers with real-time information to make faster and better decisions across all related product data management processes. Product Information Analytics provides organizations with a rich set of analytical information to monitor and evaluate product and governance related information to make better business decisions. For example, users can easily determine the aging and cycle times for key data governance workflows and processes including new item introduction and change management processes.

Key features

  • Product consolidation via rich APIs/Web Services, Excel, CSV, XML and intuitive user interface
  • Source system management and crossreferences
  • Data on-boarding and publication of products and catalogs.
  • Product definition and hierarchy management, pre-defined and user defined attributes, product relationships, taxonomy
  • Data discovery and access through integrated product dashboards, search, product comparison, role based and data level security
  • Data governance, version management, new item definition, approval workflow, change management framework, rule impact analysis and embedded analytics
  • Enterprise integration using publication services and SOA based web services

Key benefits

  • Unified administration and definition of products
  • Securely access and search product information across enterprise
  • Consolidate product information from multiple sources
  • Cleanse, standardize, transform product data for multiple languages
  • Disseminate accurate and up to date product information internally and externally to operational systems and business processes
  • Leverage standards based IT investment (SOA)