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Oracle Fusion Purchasing will allow you to streamline purchasing processes, protect business interests, and adapt to changing business needs. An integral part of Oracle Fusion Procurement, Oracle Fusion Purchasing provides the next generation application for smarter procurement automation.

Automate the Procurement Process

Oracle Fusion Purchasing gives you the tools you need to automate purchasing transactions and provides a robust work area for buying professionals to manage exceptions. Routine transactions can be executed without manual intervention resulting in increased productivity. With this automation you will be able to enforce compliance at every step. You can leverage supplier and agreement controls to automate PO creation from requisitions and communicate purchase orders to suppliers. This allows you to spend less time processing paper and spend more time discovering and exploiting new savings opportunities.

Protect Business Interests

The drive to deliver more savings with fewer resources has led to increasingly complex global operating models, including reliance on centralized shared services. By enabling Center Driven Procurement, you will be provided with the flexibility to centralize or decentralize your procurement activities based your specific business need. It enables competing objectives of scale and specialization while enforcing compliance with business policies.

Oracle Fusion Purchasing also enables you to protect business interests by enforcing negotiated pricing and workflow approvals. Purchase orders will be generated automatically and will automatically use negotiated pricing and terms from supplier agreements. And embedded order and agreement approval rules close compliance gaps while simplifying exception management. So you can be confident that you are maximizing efficiency and getting the right price without compliance gaps.

Adapt to Change

Procurement departments don’t operate in isolation. By definition they operate as part of a business and supplier ecosystem that is subject to constant change. That’s why Oracle Fusion Purchasing provides a broad set of capabilities to help you adapt to change.

First, it sets the foundation for well-controlled change management by letting you define the scope and scale of acceptable change requests. This helps you to reduce off-line communication with requestors and suppliers while cutting the chances of change requests falling through the cracks.

Second, Oracle Fusion Purchasing allows you to differentiate between minor administrative changes and those major revisions that should be communicated to a supplier. This helps you to eliminate supplier confusion and the risk of duplicate orders. Finally, Oracle Fusion Purchasing maintains a comprehensive document history that gives you full visibility of what changes were made, when they occurred, and who made the changes.

Key Features

  • Support for centralized, decentralized and hybrid procurement organizations
  • Buyer work area
  • Center-driven procurement
  • Multi currency, multi language support
  • Global agreements
  • Streamlined order processing and changed management
  • Control approvals by amount, business unit, account segment, item, category and location

Key Benefits

  • Streamline procurement processes
  • Enforce procurement policies
  • Improve supply base management
  • Manage exceptions
  • Improve visibility

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"Oracle Fusion Purchasing" is part of the Oracle ERP Cloud line of products, developed by Oracle.