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An integral part of Oracle’s Fusion Human Capital Management solution, Oracle’s Fusion Payroll solutions address the myriad requirements needed to operate in today’s global economy. These solutions are engineered to work together or separately and are not reliant on one another within your enterprise. Fusion Global Payroll accommodates the most simple and most complex payroll needs.

Oracle Fusion Global Payroll is a high-performance, graphical, rules-based payroll management system that is designed to keep pace with the changing needs of your enterprise and workforce in order to reduce set-up costs, administrative, and processing time. Oracle Fusion Global Payroll is a key component of the Oracle Fusion HCM suite of applications that are designed and engineered to work together. Oracle Fusion Global Payroll operates globally and consistently in every country supported by Oracle, using a highly scalable processing engine designed to make use of the features of the Oracle database for parallel processing, resulting in optimal performance. In countries with payroll extensions delivered and supported by Oracle, Fusion Global Payroll delivers the payroll, tax reporting and regulatory rules required to accurately process payroll and remain in compliance. Oracle’s team of highly skilled global analysts constantly monitor legislative changes and Oracle delivers these updates to the Oracle Fusion Global Payroll product and supported country extensions.

For countries with payroll not delivered by Oracle, the Oracle Fusion International Human Resources and Payroll can be used to deploy an in-house payroll solution. Utilizing the same rules based engine, Fusion Global Payroll can be configured for country-specific needs that serve your organizational requirements to enable in-country operations.

In many countries with smaller employee populations, some organizations choose to source payroll through an external vendor. Oracle Fusion Global Payroll Interface calculates a non-legislative gross and captures payroll details (earnings, deductions, tax withholding etc) required for a third party vendor to process the payroll. Fusion Global Payroll Interface allows an end-user to determine the employees to be processed, the destination source, and define he secure integration points.

Rules-Based Payroll Solution

Your organization’s unique payroll management requirements demand the ability to configure a payroll solution without losing the benefits of a standard, supported package. Oracle Fusion Global Payroll provides a unique, data-driven approach that enables you to define and manage your diverse payroll requirements that reflect your business policies. With Oracle Fusion Global Payroll, you can quickly and easily process payrolls based on the frequency required by your organization. If you need to recalculate payments during a payroll run, Oracle Fusion Global Payroll allows you to easily recalculate individual payments while preserving the run’s other results.

You can also generate online pay calculations for one-time payments and what-if scenarios. For large worker populations, the Oracle Fusion Global Payroll system is designed for multiple groups of employees to be processed simultaneously thus shortening the processing time.

Dashboard for Strategically Managing Payroll Processes

The Oracle Fusion Global Payroll Dashboard is delivered as a strategic tool for the Payroll Administrator, CHRO or even CFO. These dashboards are used to monitor the payroll processes that occur at any time utilizing the same tool; tactical enough to drill into any of the processes and take corrective action in the moment. Oracle Fusion Global Payroll provides a trusted solution to the inherent payroll requirement for accuracy and security. All the information needed to check and reconcile the payroll is available easily, efficiently, and more importantly, to the appropriate people. There are a number of control points in the Oracle Fusion Global Payroll. These range from the security to the proactive exception reporting, to the embedded analytics, all of which are extensible for what makes sense to your enterprise.

Better Process Control with Payroll Flow/Checklists

Oracle Fusion Global Payroll gives you flexibility to determine what should be included in your payroll processes. For example, as all payrolls are not the same, the bonus payroll flow differs from the regular frequency flow and they both differ from the termination payroll flows. Oracle Fusion Global Payroll provides the opportunity for payroll professionals to process not only the systematic steps to achieve payroll but also allows the flow to incorporate manual tasks that are so common in the payroll processes. These tasks can also have deadlines, task owners, dependencies and once complete can set in motion another task to begin and are all configurable by the business analyst not the IT staff thus improving productivity and reducing operating costs.

Complete Control over Your Processing Rules with FastFormula

Oracle Fusion Global Payroll gives you complete control over your processing rules and calculations, even the most complex ones. FastFormula is a powerful way to model business rules. With FastFormula, Oracle Fusion Global Payroll’s easy-to-learn calculation feature, you can quickly specify detailed payroll calculations using conditional logic. Payroll administrators can quickly create new Fast Formulas, copy and edit existing Fast Formulas, and test their results.

Automated Retroactive Processing###

You can make retroactive adjustments to employees’ past earnings, deductions, even costing based on changes to pay rates, benefit elections, cost account changes or other information. RetroPay automatically calculates the difference(s) from the original payment(s) to the proposed payment(s) and records the adjustment for subsequent processing. Retro Notification will automatically detect these changes and notify you of changes that will affect pay, to which the payroll administrator decide which person(s) to accept and which require additional information.

Fully Integrated Applications

As part of Oracle Fusion, Oracle Fusion Global Payroll is fully integrated with Oracle Fusion Sub Ledger Accounting and Oracle Fusion Cash Management. This integration allows standardization, automates processes and rationalizes systems to increase operational efficiency. Oracle Fusion Sub Ledger Accounting allows multiple accounting representations for a single business event, resolving conflicts between corporate and local fiscal accounting requirements. It retains the most granular level of details in the accounting model, with different summarization options in the General Ledger, allowing full audit-ability and reconciliation. This increases the transparency and enables full audit-ability of the transaction and accounting data.

Oracle Fusion Global Payroll supports the Common Single Bank Model. This model provides flexibility in configuring and reconciling payroll disbursements without affecting the payroll payment model and the delivered configuration by the country extension or customization by customers. The bank account is used within other Oracle Fusion products such as Oracle Fusion Payables, Oracle Fusion Receivables, and Oracle Fusion Cash Management, and so on.

Oracle Fusion International Human Resources and Payroll

Oracle Fusion International Human Resources and Payroll supports payroll operations in over 200 countries. A natural-language wizard allows organizations to create country- or organization-specific rules for countries where Oracle does not provide a preconfigured local version of human resources and payroll. Utilizing the same graphical tool used by Oracle developers to create delivered payroll extensions, the wizard is preconfigured with legislation independent data, calculations and reports sufficient to enable core human resources and payroll to operate in the new country.

Current Country Extensions

Oracle Fusion Global Payroll currently delivers pre-configured localizations for China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States. These country extensions are legislatively compliant for Human Resources and Payroll. Oracle’s team of global legislative analysts makes updates to the country extensions as mandated by regulation or cultural compliance. Oracle continues to develop and deliver additional country extensions to further support in-house payroll.

All localizations support the necessary payroll data capture to be used in the payroll process. There are predefined rates, rules and human resources data for each country. Examples of the localization features include:

  • China - Users have the ability to generate separate individual income tax detail and summary reports as required for Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin. Users can also make payments by bank transfer to China Construction Bank (CCB).
  • Saudi Arabia - Users have the ability to perform gratuity and GOSI calculations for a regular employee in the payroll period, this does not include joiners and leavers. GOSI reports 3, 4 and 5 can be generated from the system.
  • United Arab Emirates – Support for social insurance deductions and gratuity calculations for payroll processing is provided. Social Insurance Forms 1, 2, 6 and 7 can be generated from the system.
  • United Kingdom – Information pertaining to PAYE (Pay As You Earn) income tax deductions as well as automatic calculation of the PAYE amount during the payroll run are provided. Users have the ability to define NI processing details and run validation reports to ensure correct processing during the payroll process.
  • United States – The ability to create and manage Employee W-4 tax information at the federal and regional level is provided. A configurable FLSA solution is available using global payroll functionality such as elements and FastFormula.

Oracle Fusion Global Payroll Interface

There are many reasons an organization chooses to outsource all or part of their payroll to a third party vendor and Oracle Fusion HCM is nimble enough to accommodate those varied business requirements. The outbound file will provide data capture for tax and social insurance, ability to maintain elements (i.e. earnings and deductions), employee-banking information and provides a non-legislative gross prior to sending the file to the outsourcer. This gross calculation provides labor cost decision analysis in the moment to avoid surprises after sending payroll to the third party vendor for processing.

Best Practice Standards Based Security

Fusion Applications are built according to the concept of Role Based Access Control (RBAC). The use of RBAC to manage user privileges (computer permissions) within a single system or application is widely accepted as best practice. Security is managed at all levels – function, transaction, field, and data-level. RBAC assigns permissions to specific operations with meaning in the organization, rather than to low level data objects. RBAC exceeds the needs of auditable, segregation of duties (SoD) requirements.

Within an organization, roles are created for various job functions. The permissions to perform certain operations are assigned to specific roles. Users are dynamically assigned roles. Since users are not assigned permissions directly, but only acquire them through their role (or roles), management of individual user rights becomes a matter of simply assigning appropriate roles to the user’s account; this simplifies common operations, such as adding a user, or changing a user’s department.

Key features

  • Rules-based payroll solution
  • Payroll dashboard
  • Payroll automation with payroll flows/checklists
  • Payroll flows and checklists with embedded analytics
  • FastFormula
  • Retroactive processing
  • Integrated applications
  • International human resources and payroll wizard for over 200 countries worldwide
  • Country extensions
  • Payroll Interface

Key benefits

Oracle’s approach to payroll management allows a reduction in administration, lowering costs.

  • Drive efficiency and accuracy
    • Wizards and design templates
    • Payroll dashboards and checklists
  • Decrease compliance risk
    • Country extensions & statutory compliance
    • Single global rules engine
    • Embedded Business Intelligence for simulation & compliance reporting
  • Maintain flexibility and control
    • International HCM
    • International payroll interfaces
    • Multi-national & multi-business unit organization

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Oracle Fusion Global Payroll:

"Oracle Fusion Global Payroll" is part of the Oracle ERP Cloud line of products, developed by Oracle.