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A major problem facing a number of companies is the ability to access data. Sales reps should spend a majority of their time sell and not searching for information. Unfortunately in today’s enterprises time spent selling typically pales in comparison to time spent searching for information. This causes managers to frequently become concerned about missing quotas. The fact that salespeople and leaders have become increasingly more mobile and there is more customer data available than ever before means that traditional CRM systems just simply don’t cut it.

Oracle designed its cloud-based CRM solution with these challenges in mind, providing technology that allows reps to sell more, managers to know more, and companies to grow more.

Sales reps begin selling more

Answers on-demand… that’s the goal. When a sales rep can access the information they need when and where they need them, customer services is drastically increased. This level of anytime/anywhere access helps reps manage accounts and relationships, grow their own pipeline, and connect with managers and teams. This mobile-first strategy is designed to free your sales reps from administrative tasks and maximizes selling time.

Managers know more

The CRM functionality in Oracle Fusion Applications is designed to give you the key metrics and reports in an immediate fashion. This will allow you to you to forecast and hit your targets with no surprises. Benefit from the power of information, delivered by the information leader, including the ability to visualize, track, and act on trends—even on-the-go.

Increased growth

Growth is your goal. The fastest way to growth is through your sales staff. With Oracle Fusion Applications you’ll be able to optimize sales coverage and set incentives that motivate your sales organization. The ability to harness customer information, channel partners, and marketing will allow you to acquire and close more deals.