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Contract and Service Billing calculates customer invoices accurately based on your business rules. This gives you the flexibility to meet the diverse terms and billing methods of contracts and service. This module is designed to handle the billing for complex contracts and service agreements. Integration with project costing will ensure that you are billing the correct amount and do not have to waste time reentering data. No matter the source, any costs associated with a project are taken into account in billing.

The software allows you to tailor your invoices to each of your customers’ preferences. You are able to setup flexible billing cycles and custom invoice format in multiple currencies and languages. Contract and Service Billing supports all variations of daily, weekly, or monthly billing cycles—or any other customer-designated interval. You are also able to specify what information is on an invoice, so that customers who want item specifics on their invoices can receive them, and others who want detailed price breakdowns will have their desires met as well.

Feature Highlights:

  • Real-time updates of cost and unit ledgers for approved changes.
  • Management of transfer pricing.
  • Multilevel “not-to-exceed” limits.
  • Customer-specific invoice detail and presentation
  • Retainage calculation.
  • Record locking ensuring users do not accidentially change records.
  • User-defined multilevel rate table.
  • Inter- and intra-divisional revenue postings.
  • Rebilling of contract invoices.
  • Separation of billing and revenue recognition.
  • Parent-child contract relationship capability.
  • Drill-down featuers to move ffrom billing work file directly to transactions.
  • Multiple currencies and languages.
  • Markup specification.
  • Summary billings.
  • VAT calculation.
  • Pre- and post-invoice review.
  • Detailed audit trails.
  • Custom revenue recognition settings.