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You assets need to run at full capacity in order to maximize revenue generation. However, this raises the question of how do you run your assets at full capacity while minimizing unplanned downtime? The answer: continually collected information about each asset from the Condition-Based Maintenance application in your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite.

Rather than waiting to fix your equipment until after a breakdown occurs or basing maintenance on a set calendar or usage-based metric, you will be able to fix equipment only and immediately when it’s necessary. This results in reduced maintenance costs, equipment downtime and productivity.

Many pieces of equipment now come with monitoring devices built into them. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne will integrate with these monitoring devices to gather data. This real-time data stream is then used to judge conditions of equipment against predefined operating parameters. If the information falls outside the parameters, an alert signals the problem. What’s more, you are able to set the parameters for each piece of monitored equipment yourself. Meaning the monitoring can be as sensitive or loose as you’d like it to be, for each individual piece of equipment.

The alerts can be delivered in a number of ways. Options include: delivery by email, pager, or some other messaging system. If you do not want an alert, the system can automatically generate a work order that prompts for inspection and repair.

The fact that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne actively monitors your equipment means that it will catch a problem before outward signs are noticeable. Instead of waiting for a piece of equipment to breakdown to perform repairs, you can catch may repairs before they become major issues, saving time and expenses in repairs. This proactive approach to monitoring and maintenance will ensure that you keep equipment running smoothly thus increasing productivity and in-turn revenues.

Feature Highlights

  • Condition based testing, test routes, schedules and reading
  • Automatic maintenance work order production
  • Standard equipment monitoring device connectors
  • Test analysis and automatic processing
  • Project management forecasting
  • Shutdown scheduling