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The Payroll module provides you with a powerful system to control the most complicated of payroll systems. All checks are maintained with their labor distribution separately, allowing all inquiries into Workers Compensation and State Unemployment to be performed quickly and easily. Additionally, this separate maintenance of checks allows you to perform detailed labor analysis reporting. Since all reporting is ‘date sensitive’, there is no need to print and balance W-2’s prior to running the first payroll of the new year. Some of this module’s powerful features include the ability to:

  • Handle prevailing wages on certified jobs
  • Handle unlimited unions per employee paycheck
  • Eliminate costly reporting errors using ‘Check Point’ reporting
  • Apply multiple state and local taxing authorities to any check
  • Perform certified Payroll reporting
  • Allow for ‘Cafeteria Plan’ and (401)K deductions
  • Allow daily labor costing to job cost
  • Accrue and track Vacation and sick hours by date taken
  • Perform flexible miscellaneous deductions - maintained in detail
  • Process Manual or Field checks with current payroll
  • Use one of many multiple rates of pay, occupation codes, workers’ comp codes, states, localities
  • Allow you to maintain tax tables
  • Eliminate end of the year/quarter pressures with ‘Date Sensitive’ reporting
  • Maintain Workers Compensation hours worked in detail, allowing payments to reflect actual risk involved in work performed
  • Run multiple ‘pay cycles’ together
  • Perform timecard entry by employee or by job
  • Track employee wage history, employment history, and workers’ comp claim history

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the EZJOB line of products, developed by Opus Magnum Software.