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The Job Cost module gives you the accurate and relevant information on each job, that you need to make decisions about actions. The system includes built-in change-order management, monthly progress reporting with gain/loss forecasting, and reporting of open commitments (P.O.s and subcontracts). Additionally this product will give you actual costs, automatic balancing to the general ledger, analysis of labor costs per unit, profit & loss statements by job and seamless integration with all other EZJOB modules. All cost codes can be defined by you and tailored to meet the specific needs of each job. All closed jobs are archived for later review and the full detailed reporting before and after close ensures you are always on top of your operations. Additional features of this product include:

  • The ability to distinguish original budget from revisions
  • Capture and reporting of unit data over any time period
  • Focus on uncommitted cost dollars that can be worked with
  • Automatic and adjustable percentage-of-completion entries
  • Alternative cost projections by units-in-place versus estimated units, percent complete or forecast cost-to-complete or cost-at-completion
  • Controlled post-closing entries to jobs
  • Retainage payable and receivable tracked for each job
  • Subcontracts and purchase orders reported to job
  • Job cost balancing to general ledger assured

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Costing:

"Job Costing" is part of the EZJOB line of products, developed by Opus Magnum Software.