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OPEN-PRO Inventory Control helps you track product usage, costs, and maintain inventory at optimum levels. Having too much cash tied up in slow or non-selling items, or running out of fast-moving items can have major impact on your financial success. With Inventory Control you’ll have complete information about the value of your inventory, quantities on hand, quantities committed and the flow of inventory items sold by your business on a constant basis.

Item File: Each item is given a part number code of one to 25 characters using any combination of letters and numbers and assigned an item category for subtotaling. The only limit on the number of items that can be maintained is disk space. With the powerful SQL database tables and OpenPro’s web based ERP system your inventory numbers are just a click away.

Inventory Cost: Cost is a major concern in controlling inventory and OPEN-PRO values inventory using both the average cost method, standard, LIFO and FIFO.

Item Pricing: Pricing for inventory items is often complex as it may vary by quantity or by individual customer terms. The Inventory Control module supports tem pricing methods. Each method is easy to setup and configure for most everyone’s need. Inventory items may be re-priced automatically based on user defined margins.

Reports: A variety of reports are available in the Inventory Control module. Reports can be printed listing all items in the master file, product categories and current selling prices, inventory activity showing units purchased and sold, or re-order points and quantities.

Inventory Control allows interactive entry, editing and posting of inventory transactions from other OPEN-PRO modules. It also handles non serialized items, serialized items, and lot control items. Bar coding is built into this product from printing labels to scanner ready products.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Control:

"Inventory Control" is part of the OpenPro ERP line of products, developed by OpenPro Web Based ERP Software.