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Internet E-Commerce Application Integrated with OpenPro Accounting.

The Internet is easily the most powerful business tool of the new millennium. It has altered business methodologies and dramatically impacted the ways organizations relate to their customers. From the ordering process to customer support and customer service, the Internet offers limitless opportunities to those companies who have the Web-enabling technologies to take advantage of them.

OpenPro is the First Fully Web Based Application that is open enough to run on most all operating systems and SQL databases.

OpenPro provides a highly cost-effective way for customers to trade across the Internet, integrate best-of-breed applications, maximize business-to-business trading and leverage wireless connectivity.

The framework can be utilized to give authorized individuals the ability to interact with OpenPro software data over the Web and from remote devices, including palm pilots and cell phones using WAP technology. It provides a structured way of directly accessing the business functionality within OpenPro software while maintaining the software’s built-in business rules and security.


This module provides a Professional Web site for your customers to view status of order and enter in orders for you.

OpenPro Server EDI

OPENPRO provides a comprehensive solution for business-to-business electronic document exchange and business process integration. OpenPro Server acts as a business document gateway between trading partners, and manages the data translation, encryption, digital signatures, and document tracking services for many different transport mechanisms.

You can integrate Commerce Server and OpenPro Server, for example, to exchange catalogs of products that you post on your Web site, and to send orders entered on your Web site to suppliers for fulfillment. For more information about integrating Commerce Server and OpenPro Server.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with E-Commerce:

"E-Commerce" is part of the OpenPro ERP line of products, developed by OpenPro Web Based ERP Software.