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Openbravo provides the ideal ERP backbone for today’s manufacturers to accurately model and plan production, respond to changing customer demands, meet strict compliance requirements and integrate with suppliers and other systems.

  • Comprehensive ERP backbone allows manufacturers to replace legacy siloed applications with a unified business system.
  • Openbravo provides visibility and control to manufacturers with serial and lot based traceability, as well as integrated audit controls to meet the most rigorous compliance requirements.
  • Gain a ‘single source of truth’ into the availability of materials across your entire manufacturing organization, regardless of how distributed it is geographically.
  • Detailed procurement planning with MRP based on actual customer demand, with full modeling of suppliers, plants, warehouses, work centers & cost centers.
  • Innovative production process modeling and execution supports a wide range of scenarios from make to order of complex industrial products, to disassembly operations required by meat processors.
  • Openbravo’s integrated multi-site product engineering and manufacturing capabilities include the definition and collection of detailed quality and maintenance information.
  • Openbravo’s multi-lingual UI uses easy-to-deploy language packs to efficiently support off-shore contract manufacturing operations with a centralized, real-time solution.
  • Integrated alert management system proactively detects and alerts your team to issues or exception conditions like production delays or low stock levels for critical raw materials.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Production Management:

"Production Management" is part of the Openbravo line of products, developed by Openbravo.