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Reduce errors by centralizing data in a single and shared repository for products, components, bills of materials, customers, vendors, employees, prices, discounts, taxes, categories, etc.

  • Hierarchical organization structure enables easy modeling and support of complex multi-national enterprises or companies with diverse business units, within a single Openbravo instance.
  • Product lot and serial number tracking support strict compliance requirements.
  • Shared master data and organization-specific master data balance control and agility, to support fast new product introductions with accurate product and pricing information.
  • Rule-based discount and promotion processing allows for easy extension via external modules.
  • Centralized inventory and cost control feature set efficiently models and manages large-sku inventories with unlimited product attributes, tracking of qty on hand by attribute, multiple units of measure, and organization-level costing.
  • Efficient tracking of business partner relationships, e.g. a business partner can be both a customer and a supplier with no need to set up duplicate address information.
  • Integrated role-based security and detailed auditing assure high data quality for critical customer, product, and supplier information.
  • Easily extend Openbravo master data screens with new fields or entire tabs, which are then automatically available for easy access, filtering, sorting, etc.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Master Data Management:

"Master Data Management" is part of the Openbravo line of products, developed by Openbravo.