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OpenAir is the Web-native Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that helps both project-based externally focused organizations or internally focused IT departments to dramatically increase profits of Professional Services Organizations by improving operational efficiencies and management reporting.

OpenAir’s PSA solution is comprised of integrated applications for managing the sales pipeline; creating proposals; staffing, tracking, and collaborating on projects; tracking and managing resource time and expenses; billing clients, and conducting detailed financial and operational analyses.

The solution can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any Internet-capable browser.

OpenAir’s PSA solution combines sales force automation, project estimating, resource planning, project management, project accounting, knowledge management, time sheets, purchase orders, client billing in a single, integrated Web-based system.

OpenAir continues to distinguish itself by offering easy integration with existing systems, rapid implementation, and minimized upfront costs.

OpenAir’s PSA services not only provide managers and executives with precise, quantifiable, real-time insights into critical business metrics, but since all key data is centralized in one easily accessed system, managers have instant answers to difficult business questions.

Business Development: Convert more prospects into clients by effectively managing the prospect pipeline and delivering accurate, compelling, timely proposals. Manage more deals in less time. Enter leads and prospect information, create and delegate and monitor deals in one shared application.

Opportunities: Bid on more projects. Better pipeline management means more opportunities to bid. Take advantage by creating and sending proposals to the best prospects more quickly. Estimate profitability and generate forecasts.

View pipeline reports to gain visibility into future enterprise revenue and profit. Real-time pipeline information and a detailed understanding of each project’s expected profitability help the sales team focus on the highest-probability, highest-margin deals.

Resource Management: Optimally leverage employee capabilities with up-to-date, easily searchable profiles of employees’ skills, preferences, and availability.

Increase employee utilization. Managers can instantly view utilization by company, project, and resource to identify and address issues quickly and exploit opportunities.

Project Management: Collaborate on projects for on-time, on-budget delivery. Real-time collaboration in Projects lets teams maintain current and accurate project status, so managers can proactively identify and resolve issues that threaten the success. Deliver projects on time and within budget.

Update project status from any computer with a browser and Web connection, so the project plan provides an accurate snapshot at any given moment. Managers view project status through Gantt charts or use task completion reports to identify and drill down to tasks that might be at risk. Increase client involvement.

Deepen your relationship with clients by giving them access to project status reports. Gantt charts and project status summaries give clients information they need to remain involved.

Use with Microsoft® Project. A simple wizard lets project managers exchange plans between OpenAir and Microsoft® Project, retaining all dependencies, task assignments, and other relevant data.

Knowledge Management: Leverage your organization’s knowledge base and best practices by sharing information and by collaborating across dispersed teams of employees, clients, and partners using Workspaces.

Share ideas. Using OpenAir’s secure message boards, threaded discussions, and other real-time collaboration tools, anyone involved in a project can gain instant access to expertise and ideas from the rest of the team or elsewhere in the organization.

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