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Synoptix for TRAVERSE

Imagine being able to easily create all the reports you need with a super-charged spreadsheet; one that empowers every cell to automatically pull in live data so you never have to re-key information again.

Open Systems and CompuSoft Development have teamed up to make this scenario a reality. The partnership allows them to provide TRAVERSE users with Synoptix, an industry-leading solution for enterprise report writing and drill down analysis. Synoptix has a direct connection to the TRAVERSE database, so you don’t need to worry about data warehousing. With the look and feel of a spreadsheet, Synoptix encompasses end-to-end reporting capabilities and delivers everything from financial and operational reporting to advanced budgeting capabilities.

Within minutes and without IT assistance, you can create virtually any report you need from anywhere in your database as easily as a standard spreadsheet—without the maintenance hassles. Create reports that can be filtered by any criteria you require, and then change them with simple point-and-click procedures when needed. Once your reports are created, you can easily display them in graph or dashboard formats for quick access to your key performance indicators.

Synoptix is the only report writer that

  • Delivers spreadsheet ease of use, but without the pains that spreadsheets inherently create
  • Allows you to create literally any report from anywhere in your database
  • Empowers you with the ability to create both summary and detail level reports
  • Gives you complete drill-down functionality
  • Delivers interactive powerful dashboards—at no extra charge
  • Provides advanced budgeting capabilities
  • Has a direct connection to your database
  • Allows you to pull in every piece of information you need from multiple sources onto a single report
  • Is developed with Multi-dimensional Intelligent Data-store (MIND) technology


  • Create reports from anywhere in your database with incredible ease
  • Combine every piece of data you need on a single report
  • Complete drill-down functionality
  • Easily consolidate multiple companies
  • Create budgets from any account segment or operational data
  • Take advantage of the free User Report Exchange
  • Design graphs and dashboards
  • Perform advanced currency conversions
  • Generate What If scenarios
  • Effortless installation