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TRAVERSE® Service Director is a comprehensive work order and service management system equally well suited for your on-site, depot or internal company needs. Developed in Microsoft Access, Service Director is designed for a wide range of businesses including installation, repair, maintenance service, manufacturing, and construction companies. Developed as a tiered system utilizing 100% Microsoft technology, Service Director allows you to select the product level appropriate for your business needs and budget.

TRAVERSE Service Director’s powerful dispatching capability offers your company unparalleled system flexibility. Quick work order entry and scheduling gives your customers fast, efficient call handling. With Service Director’s work order command center concept, daily functions are quickly and easily accomplished. Flexible customer invoicing for time and materials is available for a single dispatch or a series of dispatches. As with all TRAVERSE applications, source code is available for company specific customization.

  • Call entry, scheduling, dispatching, parts/labor entry, and billing
  • Intuitive, streamlined screens that provide the true ability to enter or update work orders as a call comes in without awkward delays in conversations with your customers
  • Work order templates for faster entry of similar content work orders
  • Support of multiple work dispatches (on-site service calls) and/or multiple pieces of equipment per work order provides flexible and independent detail tracking of individual dispatches, including various date/time stamps and parts/labor used
  • Billing utilizes TRAVERSE invoicing formats and includes journal and posting functions very similar to TRAVERSE Accounts Receivable. Work order invoices are separate from standard Accounts Receivable invoices on journals or postings
  • A single work dispatch can be billed individually, or multiple dispatches can be combined onto a single billing
  • Three modes of easy-to-use scheduling and the flexibility to choose the appropriate method on a dispatch by dispatch basis: Direct: enter a date, time & tech for system approval, Suggest: the system automatically generates the first available date and time based on work order criteria, Scheduling Assistant: a very powerful tool that provides an interactive way to quickly find open time slots for any technician or a specific technician
  • View scheduled work orders in a calendar format, with drilldown to details
  • Web-based mapping integration for instant single-button access to street maps of customer sites
  • Predefined codes for quick standardized entry of labor
  • Detailed customer equipment tracking with automatic warranty flagging on work orders
  • Cost tracking allows for automatic totaling of parts and labor costs against a work order
  • Customer contract tracking with the ability to assign work orders to a contract
  • Sophisticated full detail history tracking lets you quickly find a closed work order and then drill down to work order details; the detail view mode is a replica of the work order entry and management screens
  • Reprint work orders and invoices from history
  • Full integration to TRAVERSE Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation and Inventory

Service Director Reports

  • Work Order Report
  • Work Order History Report
  • Scheduled Dispatch Report
  • Unscheduled Dispatch Report
  • Profitability Report
  • Productivity Report