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Are you looking for a robust warehouse management and accounting system? Do you need mobile device capabilities in your warehouse, but don’t want to be tied to a system that only works on expensive specialized mobile equipment? With the TRAVERSE Advanced Warehouse Management Solution (AWMS), you can fulfill all of those needs.

AWMS brings you the powerful capabilities of TRAVERSE Warehouse Management, which ensures that consistent prompt order fulfillment is within your reach. This application dramatically improves efficiency in picking, packing and shipping orders by streamlining day-today activities and maximizing the productivity of your warehouse staff. With added functionality and access to the growing selection, increasing quality, and falling prices of consumer tablets your warehouse system will be more efficient and cost-effective.

Tablet-friendly screen changes

  • Touch screen enabled
  • On-screen buttons and functions have been made larger to provide more efficient workflow on tablets
  • New buttons for tablet friendly data entry
  • New menu structure that allows for quick navigation between functions

Receiving in the Warehouse

  • Load Entire Purchase Order into screen and easily select items to receive by scanning a barcode or touching the detail line item
  • Print item labels on demand during the receiving process
  • Use the new order allocation report to make real-time decisions on what Sales Orders can be fulfilled based on a receipt

Picking in the Warehouse

  • New Release Item view allows you to assign and group picks by Item ID, Bin, Zone, Order Number or any combination (including location transfers).
  • Keep track of the status of every item being picked in the warehouse in real time
  • Full item picking traceability using a new Pick Items function with four new statuses to track an item from the time it is released to be picked, through the picking process, and finally to being staged and ready for packing and shipping
  • Load entire pick ID into the screen and sort by bin to route the picker through the warehouse in an efficient way
  • Move items to a staging area to be packed and shipped
  • Split the warehouse up into zones and assign bins to these zones

Packing and Shipping in the Warehouse

  • Use a separate function for packing and shipping that allows the packer to validate quantities picked to ensure accurate order fulfillment
  • After validation use ‘Fill All’ option to quickly and easily populate the quantities packed
  • Automatically print packing list from the warehouse to complete the final step of the packing and shipping process
  • Consolidate picked items from the packing process to into their respective orders for packing