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A full ERP system designed by Open Systems.
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TRAVERSE is an ERP system from Open Systems, Inc. offering financial, operations, and sales functionality. Traverse provides comprehensive integration for key business processes, while offering the ability to scale from 5 to 500 users. Interactive dashboards help business leaders translate data into the insights require to make profitable company decisions.

TRAVERSE is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise based solution. Payment options range from annual and monthly to one-time arrangements.

TRAVERSE Data Available Here


Q. What functionality does TRAVERSE include?

A. TRAVERSE provides a suite of cross-departmental functionality addressing financial, operations, and sales management needs.

Q. Which industries is TRAVERSE appropriate for?

A. TRAVERSE is appropriate for companies of all industry types.

Q. How comprehensive is TRAVERSE?

A. TRAVERSE includes 33 modules.

Q. What size companies use TRAVERSE?

A. TRAVERSE is most commonly reviewed as a product option for companies between 20 and 99 employees, but is also popular with both smaller and larger organizations.

Q. How much does TRAVERSE cost?

A. TRAVERSE pricing depends on a variety of factors. TRAVERSE is most commonly reviewed by companies with “mid-range” spending expectations.

Q. How popular is TRAVERSE?

A. TRAVERSE ranks in the top 5% of software solutions profiled on this website in terms of review popularity.

Q. What are the deployment options for TRAVERSE?

A. TRAVERSE is available as a server-based and cloud solution.

Q. What user platforms is TRAVERSE available on?

A. TRAVERSE platform support includes Windows and browser options.

Q. Is TRAVERSE mobile compatible?

A. TRAVERSE does offer mobile device support.

Q. What are the key product attributes of TRAVERSE?

A. TRAVERSE is frequently described as “powerful,” “flexible,” and “efficient.”

Q. What kind of support options are available for TRAVERSE?

A. TRAVERSE is supported by the developer, Open Systems, and authorized sellers. Local support is available in many markets.

Q. When was TRAVERSE first released?

A. The original release date for TRAVERSE was 1994.

Q. What is the current version of TRAVERSE?

A. The current version of TRAVERSE is v11.

Q. In what situations is TRAVERSE a recommended software review option?

A. TRAVERSE is a popular review choice for a variety of needs.

Q. How can the functionality of TRAVERSE be extended?

A. TRAVERSE is open-source software, so extensive customization is possible. A number of pre-developed software solutions from 3rd party developers have also been created to offer additional functionality, while integrating with TRAVERSE.

Q. What other products are offered by the developer of TRAVERSE?

A. TRAVERSE is the flagship product from developer, Open Systems. Open Systems also develops OSAS accounting software.

TRAVERSE Functionality Checklist

Functionality Support Note
Accounting Full financial management with AP, AR, GL, & more
Business Intelligence Extensive cross-functional reporting with dashboards
eCommerce 3rd party add-ons available
HR Management 3rd party add-ons available
Manufacturing Manufacturing management & MRP functionality
Payroll Full state & federal payroll management
Project Management Not a full PM solution, but project/job costing included
Retail Management Touchscreen, scanning-enabled POS software available
Sales & Marketing Invoicing, order entry, & CRM
Service Management On-premise & field service work order management
Supply Chain Management Purchasing, inventory, demand planning, & warehouse management

Industry Considerations

Because of its wide module and feature set, TRAVERSE is popular with companies among a variety of different industries.

Portion of TRAVERSE Product Reviews by Industry

Rank Industry Percent of Product Reviews
1 Distribution/Wholesale: Durable Goods 13.1%
2 Manufacturing: Job Shop & Made to Order Operations 9.7%
3 Professional, Consulting, & Business Services 6.7%
4 Commercial & Service 6.7%
5 Manufacturing: Made for Stock Operations 5.3%
6 Distribution/Wholesale: Food & Medical 5.0%
7 Non-Profit Organization 4.7%
8 Health Care & Social Services 4.2%
9 Manufacturing: Pharmaceutical & Food 4.2%
10 Marketing 3.9%
NA 25 Other Industries 36.5%

TRAVERSE Target Company Size

TRAVERSE is most commonly considered by medium-sized (20 to 99 employees) organizations. However, TRAVERSE is also popular with both smaller and larger organizations. The scalability of the program is considered to be one of its strongest selling points.

Portion of TRAVERSE Reviews by Company Size

Under 20 Employees 20 to 99 Employees 100 or More Employees
30.7% 46.4% 22.9%

TRAVERSE Pricing Info

Pricing for TRAVERSE depends on multiple factors including user count, required modules, support, implementation needs, training expectations, and deployment preference.

Companies reviewing TRAVERSE most commonly have “mid-range” pricing expectations, compared to other organizations buying business management software.

Portion of TRAVERSE Reviews by Spending Range Expectations

$ Low-End $$ Mid-Range $$$ High-End
4.7% 80.3% 15.0%

Popularity of TRAVERSE

Traverse is in the top 5% of software solutions profiled on this website in terms of review popularity. We’ve referred TRAVERSE as a recommended software option for over 2,500 organizations.

TRAVERSE has been recommended to software reviewers most often by the following software experts:

  • Dominique Tafel has recommended TRAVERSE 218 times.
  • Adam Bluemner has recommended TRAVERSE 186 times.
  • Brent Laskowski has recommended TRAVERSE 54 times.
  • Amanda Ezell has recommended TRAVERSE 21 times.

Contact Dominique, Adam, Brent, or Amanda to find out if they would recommend TRAVERSE as a review option based on your unique needs.

Deployment Options for TRAVERSE

TRAVERSE is available as an on premise, Windows server-based program. It is also available as a cloud-hosted solution, with software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing.

Additionally, for buyers looking for more turnkey deployment, Open Systems offers an option to purchase TRAVERSE pre-installed on a Windows server.

TRAVERSE User Platforms

TRAVERSE is available for users on Windows workstations. Limited TRAVERSE functionality is available via web browser through web portals. TRAVERSE offers portals for order entry, CRM & customer info, dashboard viewing, and PO approval.

Windows Mac Linux Browser

TRAVERSE Mobile Functionality

TRAVERSE offers mobile-web functionality through integrated portal access. Mobile-ready web access is available via portals for order entry, CRM & customer info, BI dashboards, and PO approval.

TRAVERSE Key Attributes

TRAVERSE is most frequently described as “powerful,” “flexible,” and “efficient.”

Other terms used to describe TRAVERSE include: cutting-edge, real-time, simple, comprehensive, customizable, robust, easy-to-use, streamlined, affordable, scalable, secure, intuitive, accessible, sophisticated, cost-effective, compliant, convenient, organized, proven, stable, open-source, modular, and economical.

Recent Companies who Reviewed TRAVERSE

  • A made-for-stock manufacturer with revenues over $150M, employing 1,000+ people. This company was seeking a 10 user software application that would provide workflow and work order management capabilities. The maximum spending range the contact for this company indicated they would consider solutions within was $100,000. The contact also considered one other competitive software options matching their requirements.
  • A job shop/made-to-order manufacturer with 12 employees. This company was seeking a 12 user operations functionality oriented solution to augment QuickBooks. Specific requirements included manufacturing and supply chain management functionality including bill of materials, inventory control, material requirements planning, and work order management. The contact indicated that they would consider solutions priced under $400/mo for SaaS or under $10,000 for an on-premise option. The contact also considered 3 other competitive software options matching their requirements.
  • A job shop/made-to-order manufacturer with 75 employees and annual revenues between $30M. This company was seeking a 5 user ERP system to replace Dynamics GP. The contact’s main motivation for considering software was a desire to support progress/milestone billing, as they needed to issue invoices during the design, engineering, and delivery phases of completing custom manufacturing work. Functional requirements included accounting (AP, AR, cash management, GL, job cost), project management, inventory control, purchasing, order entry, payroll, and billing. The target spending range for the software was under $1,000/monthly for SaaS options. This company also considered 4 other alternative software options matching their requirements as part of their review.
  • A Canadian commercial and residential mortgage services business with 20 contracted agents. This financial services company was seeking a 2 user system to replace Sage AccPac. In addition to mortgage origination tracking, they were looking for software to support accounting, budgeting, sales management, commission management, and payroll functionality. The contact shared that they intended to consider only options under $600/mo for SaaS programs. Beyond Traverse, they also considered 2 other alternative options matching their functional needs.
  • A start-up laboratory/testing business offering product quality review services.This newly formed business is going to be beginning operations shortly and has expectations for rapid expansion with multiple office locations. Their focus was on finding a 5 user ERP solution that could support accounting, inventory management, work order, payroll, and document management needs. Scalability was a key concern, as was the ability to meet specific government compliance regulations. The contact expressed a desire to review solutions with a cost under $70,000 for the initial purchase.

Extending the Functionality of TRAVERSE

TRAVERSE is an open source program, so extensive customization is possible. TRAVERSE also partners with other software developers who have created add-on products to extend the functionality of the program.

Add-On Products for TRAVERSE

Product Developer Functionality
BizInsight BizNet Business Intelligence/Reporting
Synoptix CompuSoft Development Business Intelligence/Reporting
Expocise Technology Solutions Associates Business Intelligence/Reporting
docUnity docUnity Document Management
unForm unForm Document Management
Aatrix Aatrix Electronic Filing
Personnel Tracking System ABS Human Resources
nettime solutions nettime solutions Human Resources
OpenEdge globalpayments Payment Processing
AvaTax Avalara Sales Tax Management
Commercient Commercient Shopping Cart

Other Products from Open Systems

Open Systems also develops OSAS. OSAS is a multi-platform accounting suite available for use on Windows, Mac, and Linux workstations. Find out more about OSAS.

Data Sources

The product information presented on this page is based on information provided by the developer and from previous software buyers who considered the software. Last update: 10/16/2015.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger TRAVERSE General Ledger provides 24-character account masks and 7 user-defined segments. 367 periods per year may be open and you can maintain history for an unlimited number…

Accounts Payable You need a strong financial management system in order to meet the demands placed on your business. One that’s designed to provide vital information quickly and easily.…

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable offers multilingual and multicurrency capabilities. You can use a mouse and/or a keyboard for navigation and data entry, and you can customize by user…

Purchase Order Purchase Order gives you the features and functions you need to keep a watchful eye on the goods and services your company receives. You detect shortages and incorrect…

Inventory Inventory lets you closely monitor inventory movements by tracking detailed inventory history; then, use the Inventory Movement Report to identify your best products and to…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of TRAVERSE


good accounting, bad everything else

The good: accounts well for general sales

The bad: bad e commerce and terrible warehouse management


It is an accounting software. It works great with our in house inventory system and they were able to work around our system.

The Good: It is a great Excel based program. You can export and import just about anything and it really saves a lot of time. It is really just amazing and can make everything quicker for you.

The Bad: Happy so far, nothing bad!

from Chemplex says…

Complete ERP system

The good: Features, Ease of use, familarity

The bad: Complicated to setup