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Resource Manager is required with all OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software (OSAS) applications. It provides you with simple, trouble-free installation and integration. Resource Manager includes general system services and utilities that help eliminate the need for entering intricate operating system commands, thus reducing the chance of error. You’ll have the power to make everyday operation a snap.

Manage your system with ease; increase productivity.

You can keep everyday operations running smoothly with Resource Manager utilities. You’ll be able to use Workstation Configuration Maintenance to define system devices, set up screen colors and function keys, and establish defaults for each workstation - all to your specific needs. You determine how to track company information with Company Setup. This includes maintenance of critical information by company and for multiple companies, creating and converting data files, setting up access codes for data security, and tailoring your menus.

Resource Manager allows you to work smarter in any application. You’ll save time and frustration by putting critical information at your fingertips. You’ll have fast, easy access to information on key fields, codes, and IDs from predefined inquiry windows. And, you can customize the windows to provide just the information you want. To help you make up-to-the-minute management decisions, reports are printed with time stamps in 12 or 24-hour formats.

OSAS OPEN Windows Offers Choices and Flexibility With These Key Features

  • You’ll have true multiuser processing on multiuser networks such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Novell (using Win95/98 or Win NT Workstations only).
  • As many as nine sessions may be running on one workstation at once. Save time by starting a post here and running a report there.
  • You can easily set up shortcuts on networked computers running Windows after you install OSAS by using the Set Up Terminals function. This will allow you to set up multiple icons for OSAS on other workstations
  • You can easily access Global Inquiry, regardless of the OSAS application you are currently working in. Global Inquiry allows you to locate any information you need, at any level of detail. You can access data in another OSAS application file, and you won’t have to exit and open multiple programs or wait for reports to print.
  • You can view important data with inquiry windows and quickly sort it according to the key data you select. You can also use inquiry window math when you want to define the data to calculate statistics.
  • Define access codes for each workstation, providing password protection. You can protect individual applications, menus, and functions. The system security file is encrypted.
  • You’ll have standardized access to all inquiry windows, information windows, online field help, and on-the-fly maintenance.
  • Eliminate the need for keyboard templates by using online keyboard help. You may choose whether or not to display the function key descriptions at the bottom of your screen.
  • You’ll be assured that your shipments and correspondence have the correct country code. A list of codes is provided, and it can be sorted by code or country name.
  • You’ll find the answers you need with scrollable help screens. Up to 999lines of help are provided on a specific field.
  • BBx PROGRESSION/5 from BASIS International Ltd. provides a stable, full-featured foundation for OSAS applications to build on. It is one of the most powerful business application languages available.
  • Maintain data for nearly an unlimited number of companies by using 3-character company IDs.
  • A separate sample data directory is provided for learning and training purposes. In addition, you can have multiple live data directories for system flexibility and organization.
  • You’ll be able to execute special internal and external functions from anywhere within the OSAS system with a special menu that you can modify.
  • You can define a default location and bank ID by workstation.
  • Identify missing reports through optional banner pages. You can identify user ID, name, report selection criteria, and date and time stamp.

Resource Manager Utilities

  • Company Setup
  • Backup and Restore Utilities
  • Data File Allocation Report
  • Data File Resizing Utility
  • Device Configuration Maintenance
  • Menu Maintenance
  • Inquiry Window Maintenance
  • View File Contents Utility
  • Workstation Defaults
  • Product Suggestions (can be saved and edited through F4. You can make suggestions at any point in the, save a file, print it out later, fax it to Open Systems).

Platforms Supported

Available in single-user, network and client/server versions, OSAS version 6.0 operates on Windows, UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, DEC Alpha, and AIX systems.

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