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Easy to use, easy to modify: OSAS Web gives you an Internet interface to your OSAS data. Your customers access sales, receivables, and inventory information through the Internet, saving you time. You control the information presented, including which companies can be accessed, which items will be available over the Internet, etc. OSAS Web was made possible with a product from SDSI called BB Web, a set of BBx programs that allow you to put data into an HTML format. Sales Order Entry is part of OSAS Web as well as inquiry screens from Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Order.

You control the setup for access codes, Internet companies, and inventory items

OSAS Web allows you to set up a password for each of your customers. In addition to having the password, you may also set options for which functions you want the customer to have access to. You also decide which of your companies can be accessed by the Internet. All you need to do is enter a default location for quantities and pricing and a default batch ID.

Creating your OSAS Web home page is easy. The information entered when you set up your Internet companies is used to create an HTML page called OSASWEB.HTM. You can then take this file and place it into the document directory of your web server. Another function moves the components needed for OSAS Web onto your web server. After these components are installed, you are ready to use OSAS Web.

OSAS Web Offers Choices and Flexibility With These Key Features

You determine the information that you want your customers to have access to. You can turn off access for displaying credit information on the Customer General Information screen. You can also choose not to display balances.

A list of orders is built for each Customer ID entered. If a customer has access to view order detail information, the order number will be a hypertext link to the order detail.

Your customers can look up inventory information such as quantities and price/quantity breakdowns. After viewing the price/quantity breakdown for the item selected from the previous page, a customer can get back to the Item Information page simply by clicking the BACK button on the browser or by clicking the hypertext link to return to the OSAS Web home page.

Customers can see a breakdown of the product lines for the items that are accessible by the Internet, enter a quantity to order, and then either recalculate the extended price of the line or submit the line into the order.

When viewing an order, a customer can see all the line items that were submitted, the total tax calculated, and the total price. They can then change quantities and/or remove a line from the order by zeroing out the quantity. After entering shipping information, the customer can view the order number and enter another order, go back to the main menu, or return to the OSAS Web home page.

Depending on the options you set, customers may have access to the following functions

  • Customer General Information
  • Customer Order Information
  • Customer Order Detail Information
  • Customer Detail History Information
  • Item Information
  • Allow Quantities on Item Information
  • Allow Price/Quantity Breakdown Display
  • Show Balances on Customer Information
  • Show Credit Limit on Customer Information
  • Allow Sales Order Entry

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