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Staying on top of things isn’t always easy. There are overhead costs to keep track of, bids to prepare, and revenues to record. OSAS Job Cost application can help you stay informed and organized. You’ll get all the information you need to maintain profitability by calculating variances between actual and estimated costs and revenues. Schedule and control in-process

Schedule and control in-process and completed jobs; make a difference in your bottom line

You’ll know the status of a job, how much it’s estimated to cost, what it actually costs, the billing status, and the gross profit. You can adjust estimated or actual period-to-date, month-to-date, or job-to-date costs. The costs may include labor dollars, material or equipment costs, overhead, and miscellaneous expenses.

You can produce timely reports that help you analyze costs more closely; you’ll bid accurately on future jobs because you’ll have all the details of similar jobs you’ve done in the past. You can also determine which jobs and contracts are completed at a glance by producing an up-to-date job list.

OSAS Job Cost Offers Choices and Flexibility With These Key Features

  • You can customize Job Cost for your business with 999 user-definable cost code fields per job/phase, categorized by 99 cost types.
  • Base overhead allocation on labor hours, labor dollars, material cost, or on any of the 99 cost types that you can define.
  • You’ll get extensive, detailed information about employees, purchases, and billing when you post from OSAS Payroll and Accounts Payable/Purchase Order to Job Cost. You’ll have better control and scheduling of in-process and completed jobs with Cost Detail History.
  • Creating new jobs/phases is easy with a copy feature that copies estimate information from an existing job/phase.
  • You’ll have a detailed audit trail with the Job/Phase Adjustments function. You can enter costs as you incur them and billings as you invoice and update start and finish dates. If Job Cost is interfaced with other OSAS applications, these fields are updated when you post.
  • Accounts Receivable/Sales Order operation will be efficient, with the ability to track the unbilled cost in the Jobs File.
  • A job template can be created and printed. It will aid you in preparing new bids.
  • You won’t have any trouble tracking job information. A 40-character description field, a 21-character contract number, job address, and three user-defined fields are provided. You can also track a work in process and finished goods account for each job/phase record. Job comments are available as well.
  • Track pieces, invoice billed amount, total cost, and cost billed with the period-to-date and year-to-date columns found in the Jobs and Phases screen. You can also view the job-to-date unbilled cost.
  • The Unit Cost Analysis Report gives you a picture of what percent of a job is completed, based on units rather than cost.
  • You can print posted transactions, unposted transactions, or both with the Cost Detail Report and Billing Detail Report.
  • The Work-in-Process Report provides the following information by job/phase: earned income, current profit earned, earned profit at completion, and estimated cost to complete the job.
  • You’ll have accurate period-to-date information. The Periodic Processing function, as well as the Post Adjustments and Transactions function, give you control over which numbers are posting to the Jobs Master file.

Job Cost Reports

  • Job List
  • Cost Summary Report
  • Job Profitability Report
  • Cost Detail Report
  • Overhead Allocation Report
  • Billing Summary Report
  • Unit Cost Analysis Report
  • Work-in-Process Report
  • Billing Detail Report
  • Job Template List

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