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Contractors’ Job Cost (CJC) enables you to find profitable jobs and keep the profit in the job by maintaining control over your operations. You can’t be on site every day-and with CJC, you don’t have to. When it’s make it or break it, CJC can help you win the contract, see the project through, and realize a healthy profit. Maximize CJC’s performance by integrating it with other OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software (OSAS) modules.

With CJC you can save money and stay informed. Timely, detailed information lets you know the status of each job. Job Detail reports show you every cost a job has incurred, alert you to excessive costs before they get out of hand, and compare your expenses to your estimates. You don’t have to wait for monthly reports. And, you can minimize your overruns. You’ll also save time and data entry costs because the reports you need are included in the system: no need to keep information in a number of separate spreadsheets.

OSAS Contractors’ Job Cost Offers Choices and Flexibility with These Key Features

  • Improve your profit margin and reduce your billing problems with CJC change order tracking, built-in AIA billing forms, Job Invoicing, and Cost Plus Invoicing features. You’ll ensure that billings to owners or general contractors are fully documented and can be promptly processed.
  • CJC is suitable for both large and small contracts. Because CJC is flexible, you can set up small, simple jobs with only one phase or large, complex jobs involving many phases. You tailor CJC to your needs.
  • Design a legally acceptable document for any state with a Release Form function when you interface with OSAS Accounts Payable.
  • Subcontractor features include change order information and an insurance certificate expiration warning report when you interface with OSAS Accounts Payable.
  • Evaluate your profit margin by viewing your original take-offs and the revised estimated costs after change orders.
  • You get flexible periodic reporting with history files for union and worker’s compensation amounts when integrated with OSAS Payroll.
  • Simplified billing allows you to print Cost Plus, Fixed Amount, and AIA job invoices to plain paper.
  • Refer back to your complete jobs for historical information and use it as an aid in estimating new projects.
  • Define pay rates in Payroll by determining the classifications and skill levels you want to set up.
  • Determine at a glance how far along the Job/Phase is with the Percent Completion function.
  • User definable fields and cost types provide added flexibility.
  • Increase CJC’s power and versatility by adding other OSAS applications such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Payroll, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, and GENERAL Report Writer.
  • Flexible worker’s compensation setup allows you to calculate the rate by percent, an hourly rate, or by a fixed amount.
  • Track labor burden for worker’s compensation, union expenses, and employer’s tax liability costs to the job.
  • A quick entry screen allows for fast entry of payroll hours.
  • Calculate retainage when entering invoices for subs or customers.
  • A code assigned per job/phase supports multiple WIP/COGS GL accounts.

Contractors’ Job Cost Reports

  • JTD Cost Summary Reports
  • Cost Detail Report
  • Summarized Estimate versus Cost Analysis Report
  • Billing Detail Report
  • Profit Detail Report
  • Labor Burden Register
  • Certified Payroll Report
  • Union Report
  • Job Open Invoice Report
  • Subcontract Report
  • Budget Projection Report
  • Job Trial Balance Report
  • Job Cash Flow Report
  • Accumulated Overhead Report
  • Change Order Detail Report
  • Worker’s Compensation Report

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"Contractors' Job Cost" is part of the OSAS line of products, developed by Open Systems.

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