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Much of the success of your manufacturing business depends on your ability to supply existing customers and attract new customers with the right products at the right time for the right price. OSAS Bill of Materials/Kitting application can help you do just that. Designed for the smaller manufacturing company, Bill of Materials/Kitting lets you build assemblies with up to ten levels, define assemblies for kits, and specify source warehouses on a component by component basis.

Increase the number of options you can offer by utilizing the Bill of Materials/Kitting component information. It gives you the ability to mix and match related assemblies into a single kit. Easily determine whether you have enough stock to assemble an order, or use the available to buildfunction to determine how many of any given item you can build. It’s easy to review a bill of material or print a list of all components required for a particular assembly.

Improve your bidding success. You can quickly assess the cost of assemblies and then use the History Report to compare anticipated costs with the actual costs associated with similar assemblies. You’ll also improve accuracy and save time.

OSAS Bill of Materials/Kitting Offers Choices and Flexibility With These Key Features

  • Maintain accurate inventory quantities for your assemblies or raw materials. One process relieves materials and receives finished goods; it’s online, accurate, and timely.
  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility of Bill of Materials/Kitting. It adapts easily to the way you do business. There are six user-defined fields; three are numeric cost fields associated with General Ledger accounts, and three are text only. And, as with all Open Systems software, source code is included to allow for customization.
  • You’ll be able to track the movement of your money. Bill of Materials/Kitting posts Inventory COGS from components and materials to assembly accounts. The Assembly Build Journal provides full detail of money moved from one account to another for a complete audit trail.
  • Build non-serialized assemblies that contain either serialized or non-serialized materials and components, as well as serialized assemblies that contain either serialized or non-serialized components and materials.
  • You have the ability to change components for a group of select items with the Global Component Replacement function. You can also remove components from and add components to a group of items.
  • Set up your kits with unique inventory numbers and include up to 999 non-serialized components, each with its own ID number. You may separately track the costs of the components but assign the price to the kit.
  • You have the option to allow negative material quantities. The system will prompt you if your build requirements will go negative and it displays the exact negative amount. If you respond no to the negative inventory prompt, Bill of Materials/Kitting will back out and restore inventory. If you respond yes inventory goes negative.
  • You don’t need to enter builds into the computer at the time of production; Bill of Materials/Kitting accepts before, during, or after-the-fact entry, including the date of the actual build.
  • Easily develop kits for sale. If need be, you can adjust the content of each kit at order entry time.

Bill of Materials/Kitting Reports

  • Build Assembly Journal
  • Where-Used Reports
  • Available Components Report
  • Component Cost Report
  • Bill of Materials History Report
  • Kitting List

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