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A total solution for secure, efficient electronic banking

OSAS Banking provides a number of features that combine to offer you a secure electronic banking environment.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) delivery of payments made to your vendors gives you the ability to transmit electronic payments to your bank using a standard, secure system that is both highly reliable and efficient. Direct Debits in Accounts Receivable/Sales Order allows you to establish recurring payments and take direct debit-type payments from customers.

A fraud control and loss prevention measure, Positive Pay allows you to build a file (formatted to your bank’s specifications) that can be transmitted to your bank for the authorization of check payments. The file contains information about each check (such as check number and amount) that your bank compares with each check before honoring it.

The Reconciliation Import in OSAS Banking enables you to use files downloaded from your bank to automatically clear transactions that have been processed by the bank, a great time-saver.


  • Additional functionality for the authorization of credit card payments in Accounts Receivable and Sales Order
  • Require credit card authorization numbers for all transactions or transactions exceeding a specified amount
  • Accept recurring payments, prepayments, and direct debit-type payments from customers
  • Use electronic payment types in Accounts Payable and Purchase Order
  • Print or email vendor payment vouchers, depending on preference
  • Securely store direct debit and credit card information for customers

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