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A successful company needs to effectively manage its cash flow and customer information. OSAS Accounts Receivable application helps you handle these tasks by tracking every aspect of your receivables in a timely manner. This vital management information reported just the way you need gives you the power to improve the inflow of cash and capitalize on sales trends.

Stay informed, save time, and improve accuracy and customer service.

You’ll be able to assess your financial position by producing timely reports. Identify your best customers and stay on top of sale trends. Evaluate your cash discount program, and spot delinquent accounts early.

Data entry is efficient and flexible with horizontal transaction entry functions and quick-entry tables. You’ll also save time with online invoicing and information windows.

Your customers will appreciate the professional-looking statements and invoices. And if they call with questions on their account, you’ll be ready to help out. You can quickly view detailed customer information and payment history.

OSAS Accounts Receivable Offers Choices nd Flexibility With These Key Features

  • You can easily access customer credit information online with information windows. Also view customer comments and inventory item quantities and costs.
  • Discount or mark up prices with price codes by inventory item, inventory category, or customer, using a flat dollar amount or percentage.
  • Apply payments to customer accounts or reapply payments and credits to specific invoices by using cash receipts processing. Simply enter the amount and method of payment and then scroll through the open invoices to apply the payment.
  • You’ll have easy access to sales and payment information. View it online by invoice date or invoice number when you use the customer history inquiry.
  • You’ll benefit from online invoicing. It lets you print an invoice immediately after order verification and stores the next available invoice number for you.
  • Answer the customer’s questions quickly when they call. Use the Customer Inquiry Function to locate the customer by name, zip code, telephone number, sales representative, or state/city.
  • You have the choice of paying commissions based on either booked sales or paid invoices using the sales commission calculation and reporting function.
  • Multiple warehouses per order lets you sell items from any warehouse that has available inventory. Selecting the warehouse closest to the customer can save on shipping costs. Also, the customer will receive one invoice regardless of how many warehouses were used to fill the order. This saves time and paper.
  • You can enter or edit invoices and credit memos and view invoices with transaction processing from a single menu.
  • Analyze your sales over a two-year period with help from summary and detail history. Detail is kept until you purge the information.
  • Transaction entry is easy and efficient with quick entry and defaults tables.
  • You’ll be able to manage your cash flow with an accurate aged trial balance. It is printed by the dates you select. You can view your aging online and print the information with any of three reports.
  • Compound taxes for multiple localities such as state, county, and city. Canadian tax handling (GST/PST) is also supported.

Accounts Receivable Reports

  • Sales Journal
  • Miscellaneous Credits Journal
  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Detail History Report
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis Report
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Customer Activity Report
  • Commissions Report
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Tax Report
  • Customer Analysis Report

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