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Open ERP s.a.

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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An ERP can definitely help your business to gain time and save money! Manage your business with Open ERP and increase your profit!

One of Open ERP key points is the existence of more than 350 modules. We setup different profiles with a selection of modules: services, manufacturing, association, accounting, CRM, bookstore and auction. You can evaluate them in our online demos available in french and english

Service Companies profile Included Modules:

Accounting Sales management Purchase management Timesheets Workflow validation Portal

Manufacturing Industries profile Included Modules:

Assets, trading units, routing Calculation needs Production calendar Accounting Sales and purchase management Stock management Portal

Accounting profile Included modules:

Financial management Analytic accountance Budget Payments orders Statistics Portal

CRM profile Included modules:

Contacts and partners management Customer profiling Automatic rules Collaborative Calendar E-mail portal Sales Analysis and dashboards Portal

Product Lines

  • Odoo

    A cloud-based software system designed by OpenERP for building websites and managing business activities.

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