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OpCenter Grant Management

A multi‑module management system designed by OpCenter LLC for non‑profit organizations.
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OpCenter - Grant Management is designed to help multi-funded agencies manage the complexity of compliance without increasing the workload on employees. This software translates your agency’s policies into a simple system that everyone can access.

No Menus!

  • Integrated Workflow
  • Reduced icons: everyone sees only those functions they are permitted to see.
  • Wizard approach: 1 step-at-a-time data entry.
  • Single click progression to the next stage.

Effortless Grant Management

  • Management has a global view, with drill-down to the transaction level and document.pdf.
  • Apply for Grants based on up to date financial data.
  • Encumber grants so you never run over without proper approvals.
  • Rest assured all revenues and expenses are automatically and accurately coded.
  • Observe % complete based on time as well as amount expended.
  • All expenses are automatically coded to multiple grants in ratios you designate (and update)

Integrated Operations

  • Site staff at remote locations can access the same information as Headquarters staff.

Effortless Compliance

  • Full documentation captured at every stage; available instantly by drill down.

Controlled Access to Confidential Records

  • User ID assigned for restricted access to specific roles/duties and may consist of input/ or inquiry.
  • Password protected document area for confidential HR documents.

Improved Productivity

  • Eliminate filing cabinets.
  • Less time wasted on meetings to receive information from the team.
  • Everyone views the most recent data.

Anytime Anywhere Access

  • Remote site supervisors can routinely access OpCenter from their sites.
  • Staff can access system from home if unable to come to work.
  • Directors and managers can access financial and administrative data and reports and view online underlying documentation from remote sites 24/7

Industrial Strength Architecture

  • Hosted application in fully redundant, continuously monitored, mission critical environment.
  • Instant duplication of all data.
  • Backups of database every 5 minutes.
  • For those agencies whose policies require data to be on inhouse computers, Application can be hosted on agency computers.
  • Automatic daily backup to off site storage for proper disaster recovery planning

Functionality Modules

Management Module The Management Module gives top management a single dashboard to view all Grants and drill down to details, and drill further down to the actual underlying document within 2…

Payment Module This Module assures fiscal control. A bill cannot be processed until an approved PO is in place, and checks are printed out on blank stock. Thus, there is no checkbook to…

Documents Module OpCenter delivers powerful document management capabilities in three areas: Workflow, Manual, and HR. These documents are uploaded to our secure servers, and instantly backed…

Purchase Module This Module enables the Agency to streamline its purchasing process, while maintaining fiscal discipline as per its approved policies. The supervisor or purchaser can…

Customer Module This Module automates the process of invoicing, sending statements, receiving payments, and depositing funds. It also provides streamlined document management: Enrollment,…

Timekeeping Module The biometric fingerprint reader-based timekeeping module automates the timekeeping process, gives global visibility into who is in and who is out, and feeds into the ARRA…

Admin Module The Admin Module enables customization of every aspect of OpCenter. SETUP COMPANY: Enter your company information and Logo. Company name appears in OpCenter masthead, and the…

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