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  • The Documents tab shows you all PDFs created throughout BeerRun and is your filing cabinet in the cloud.
  • B/Status shows you the current status of all batches that have been planned but not yet packed.
  • The Fermentation Gantt chart is a visual indicator of all Fermentation tanks and what batches have been planned over the course of the current month, and next/previous months.
  • The Bright Gantt shows you the same data for all bright tanks.
  • In Ingredient Forecast, all planned batches are stacked so you can see how much of each ingredient is needed over the next 1 week (or 2, 3, 4) or within any time range.
  • Packing Calendar gives you a date-wise schedule for your packing crew.
  • FG Inventory shows you all Finished Goods Inventory; click on history to view all additions due to packing, subtractions due to shipments and drill down to the underlying pdf. You can also make adjustments.
  • In the Items tab, you can see Ingredients, Packaging items, Merchandise and Finished Goods. You can edit their names, Units of measure, default vendor, reorder points and reorder quantities. In Ingredients, you can specify TTB classification; in FG, you can add a factor for Labor cost and UPC #.
  • The Physical Count tab enables you to view Inventory as of a particular day, export to .xls (to enable physical counts) and enter the new physical count in a single window.

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